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UrbanDictionary.com defines Fandoms as the community that surrounds a tv show/movie/book and etc. One thing that even Urban Dictionary doesn't have to inform you on is, the increasing popularity of these very fandoms.

There are infinite amount of divisions when it comes to these communities. Some are meant to be temporary (an upcoming movie) while others strive to be infinite (i.e Harry Potter fandom). Within these division, you can easily see splits in a fandom based on pairings of the actors/artists/characters as well as other factors.

One fandom I'd like to mention in particular, is the hectic fandom known as Directioners (One Direction). These guys have to be some of the most loyal (some scarily loyal) fans I've yet seen. I can honestly say, no typical fan would hack airport security just to see a 30-minute footage of a member on his phone.

I interviewed Cathris, lizzy501, and Leprosy on their thoughts about fandoms.

Bibi4evr: How would you define a 'fandom'?

Cathris: I would define a fandom as a group of people who share the same love for a person/celebrity. They stick with said person through thick and thin, no matter what the tabloids are saying.
Leprosy: A community of hardcore fans, I guess.
lizzy501: In my mind, a fandom is a community united under a single interest. Often these communities have a name specific to their dedicated interest and a developed fan-culture, if you will. Put more simply, fandoms are a gathering-place for people with mutual interests that can and do

Bibi4evr: Are you a part of a fandom? If so, which one and what are your reasons behind it?

Cathris: Yes I am indeed, Beliebers forever! I've been a Belieber ever since Justin's first song "One Time" was released, and I've loved him ever since. In the three years since his rise to fame, you can see how he's grown (musically and personally), and from what we hear from him, he's a great guy I certainly wouldn't mind calling my "Boyfriend".
Leprosy: I made a blog about Lana Del Rey. I guess that's considered part of a fandom. I made one cause she has a lot of beautiful pictures so why not collage them all.
Lizzy501: I am a part of a ridiculous amount of fandoms, the majority being K-pop (Korean pop) fandoms such as E.L.F, Blackjack, Shawol, etc. I enjoy being a part of these such fandoms because, of course, for my love of the groups inspiring the fandoms, but also because having others that share the love of that artist or group makes for a more fulfilling experience than feeling like you love something on your own.

Bibi4evr: What are your thoughts when you see things like fan fictions or couple names?

Cathris: I think fan fictions are cute, they show different sides of celebrities that you wouldn't normally think of. Couple names on the other hand, are just a way for lazy people to less words.
Leprosy: It's weird to me, but everyone is free to do as they wish.
Lizzy501: I was introduced to K-pop about a year ago and being a part of its fandoms put me in the frame of mind in which fan fics and ships, or couple names, are the most ordinary thing in the world. For the most part, I enjoy fan fictions, especially cute and/or humorous ones, and couple names are just a fact of life. There are times, however, when it is important to remember that fan fiction is just that, fiction, and while shipping couples is fun, it is certainly not real, which is a point brought up when fans go too far, which they sometimes do.

Bibi4evr: Do you see fandoms as a positive or negative aspect about fame? Why?

Cathris: I think they're both positive and negative. Some people are SUPER obsessed and go as far as trying to jump on stage during concerts, stalking, ect. But on the positive side, there will always be people there supporting them, when tabloids are attacking, or when they're just having a rough day.
Leprosy: A bit of both. Positive because it's just praising whomever the fandom is based on and negative because some can go overboard at times, with obsession and what not.
Lizzy501: Fandoms have many sides. On one hand, fandoms do a lot of good. They give fans a chance to connect with one another and the larger and more enthusiastic the fandom, the more successful the fandom's interest is/will be, for the most part. On the other hand, when it comes to fandoms for real people, not books or movies, they can be bad as well. I know first-hand that a lot of times, a fandom of a musical group or artist can want a lot of say in what that said group or artists does. Sometimes fandoms forget that they are fans and not managers, and of course there's the classic invasion of privacy, where certain fans take to stalking their fandom's person or people of dedication.

Author's Note: As you can see, the interviewees all expressed that behind a fandom lie both the postive AND negative aspects, and there is a fine line between the two. Thank you for all the interviewees who took the time to reply so fast to the questions, it was very appreciated.


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