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Words Hurt

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Life isn't a video game, you only get one chance so don't mess up. Okay I'll admit it. I messed something up. Big time. I said something I probably shouldn't have said and it hurt someone I love.

I can't take back what I said and now I have to face the consequences. I didn't realize that hurting someone the way I did would make me feel so bad inside. So I was picking on him a little, I do it all the time with my friend, but he never actually heard the words I would say. I made sure of it until it slipped out of my mouth. He probably didn't even hear, at least that's what I wanted to think. But I know he did.

Even though the gym was crowed and everyone was screaming about another shot, somehow out of all the noise he heard me. My friend told me he had looked right at me when I said it. After that he went from being is happy self to a dismal, "I want to get out of here," kind of look. I wish I could take it back, go back in time and clap my mouth shut before I said anything, but of coarse I can't. Once the words are out there, they have to stay out there. There is no way to take them back. Even if you feel as horrible as I do, at the moment I really did mean what I said, but now, not so much.

Words hurt. Badly. Be careful of what you say, before you speak think about what in the world you were about to say. No one needs to feel the way I do now.


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