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As you've all heard, last Saturday, June 1, the first ever Whyville Town Hall meeting was held live in Regina, Saskatchewan because our town founder was invited to give a talk about Whyville at a conference in Regina.

Many citizens contributed to make this event a success. City Hall wants me to thank all of you: those who came to the meeting in Regina, those who came by the Sportplatz to say hello, and, of course, all of you who submitted posters to help show the audience at the conference what Whyville means to you.

We received a load of submissions! Semi-finalists were showcased in last week's paper. Submissions from the finalists were shown live in Regina. And in the next issue of the Times, we will be announcing the winners of the Regina Poster Contest, so watch out!

But first, I have the honor of annoucing the winners of the Costume Contest from Prom 2002....

1st PlaceGrayFox
2nd PlaceChixLova
3rd PlaceaStOniSh

Congratulations! The 3rd place winner will receive 100 clams. The 2nd place winner will receive 200 clams, and the 1st place winner will receive a much-coveted ... 30-day Why-Pass!

Tune in to the next issue of the Times for more winners, the Regina Poster Contest winners!

Stay up with the Times,
Times Editor



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