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Interview with the King

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Interview with the King

Times Writer

The Pool Party was touched by royalty this very morning! JayR, Prom King 2002, was there with his crown on and everything.

Needless to say, everyone wanted to ask him some questions. But in case you didn't get to talk to him, here's an interview with Whyville's very own royal.

Merchant: How do you feel about being named prom king?
JayR: It's a great honor. I feel like a celebrity.

Merchant: What about the crown? When are you going to stop wearing it?
JayR: LOL, it's my new favorite item! But I'll stop wearing it when the hype is over. I don't want to seem like I'm bragging.

Merchant: Are you and the lovely queen, TrYsT, going together to prom?
JayR: No. I think TrYsT is really great and deserves to be queen, but we aren't going together. I'm going with MeThOdGiRl, who is just a friend. By the way, she helped me win this thing.

Merchant: Many people think that 11, the former prom king, cheated his way to the top. How did you get votes?
JayR: Well, I didn't cheat. I asked my friends to vote for me, and they sort of spread the word. Before I knew it, I had hundreds of votes.

Merchant: Who would you like to thank for helping?
JayR: Racer123. He's the best.

Well, there you have it! The second-ever prom king. He's totally modest about winning.

Congratulations once more to JayR and TrYsT! And we can't forget the royal court: sUPAgURLe, minxter, Sonner, and Gartner.

This royalty thing sounds pretty cool. Hmm... maybe I'll run in 2003... whoops! Anyway, I hope you all had an awesome time at the prom!

Your faithful reporter, Merchant.



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