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A Moment in Whyville History

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A Moment in Whyville History

Times Writer

Heyey everyone,

"Dress, tux, date, flowers, projectiles, you must have the very best for the prom" a very keen person told me. Whyville's atmosphere as I write this is one of nervous excitement and such "IMPORTANT" questions are being asked as, "will I get a date before the big doo-day?" (By the way, doo-day's another word for 'the prom'... "duh yeh, where the heck have you been?") Well, actually, that's the only question I've heard being asked, but I'm sure there are many more... =D

Anyhoo, my article's not meant to be about preparing yourself for the prom, it's about Whyville back in the "old, dark, ancient" days when we had our FIRST EVER BIG DOO-DAY! *Ahem* FIRST EVER BIG PROM!

I don't remember all that happened leading up to the prom, but for your reading experience, I contacted some friends from the 'old, dark, ancient' days and asked them to rattle their brains to see if all of us combined could bring what happened that night back to life... nah, just kidding, it wasn't that hard to remember, because after all, this was BIG! So big that maybe before I continue, you should take a seat...Ok? All ready? Here we go!

Once upon a time there lived a place called Whyville, a virtual town where everyone was welcome...

There once was a girl called Karra who got an idea, a BIG idea, an idea that would start off Whyville's first ever PROM! But everyone didn't know if the prom was a sure thing or not. Of course, Karra had filled her friends in with all the vital information she knew... but until they all knew for sure whether this was O.K., lots of rumors started spreading in the busy, newly formed Whyville Town.

It seemed as if everyone were talking about... da da dunn, the Prom! I remember one day looking at the Times and reading it for myself. "Whoa, the rumors are true, there's gonna be a PROM!" Oooh! How thrilling! A prom, on here... but how? The good ol' trusty Sportplaz was set to be decorated by the workers. After the date was set, the place and time were set and then everything else had to be sorted out, too. The next major catastrophe for everyone was, of course, finding a date to this big event. For most people, this was sorted out, as boys and girls who were "just friends" joined forces, couples reunited, and new romances even were started, and don't forget the singles arranged to, uh, well, go by themselves. =D

Flowers, dresses, makeup, hair, tuxes and jewelry prices seemed to sky-rocket during the 'leading up to prom time'. Some very famous companies back then were: Charity, GFashion (added that one in there for Karra and me), SugarBeet, YDesigner, PurpleCo. and many more which I can't remember. =D But something I can remember is that everything sold out extremely fast, perhaps something to do with the way we advertised.... We pranced around in the clothes we'd designed, and people who were desperate for an outfit would beg you to put it back on sale! Of course you'd push the price up, a lot, and make a killing on the dress. Everyone had to look their best because of course, duh, the place of Prom King and Queen were up for grabs! Oooh, how exciting! =D

So, with your hair, makeup, clothes and all the added things sorted out, everyone started to look stunning. And most people were on the verge of moving into the poor house; yup, that's right, everyone splashed out on their looks SO much! Haha, I remember someone telling me they decided to buy the Gold Earrings from Akbar's and, horror or all horrors, the ears too! That cost her a lot, but she wanted to look purrrrrfect. =) It's funny now, perhaps, but for us back then, those parts were expensive!

Tuxes for the guys!

Prom dress by the famous designer, Charity!

This one was hard to get hold of, it looked real good on and was made by DanceBabe.

PurpleCo, one of their popular prom dresses.

I had all these gorgeous prom dresses from SuagrBeet and DanceBabe.

Talk about being sweet! Giving your date some flowers for the prom!

Y-Designer created these amazing faceparts!

Ok, now that the time, place, date, date (the other date...the person you were going with) and looks were set, everyone was ready to "Dance Bop" the night away! I, along with everyone else, had prepared myself for the prom, but then a couple of days before the big event I was invited to my friend's party at a beach resort three hours' drive away! Now, I was faced with a problem -- let down my date and forget about all the clams I'd spent on looking perfect for the Doo-Day... OR... go to a 4.75 star hotel, rating outta 5 (wait, is 4.75 possible?!), three hours away from my family and friends who weren't invited and stay there for two WHOLE days, that's right Jim, not half days, whole days (that's a joke for us New Zealanders, okay... lay off my sense of humor!)?? What to do, what to do? Talk about major problem, people!

Now, if this were a TV show, I'd stop right there and tell you it'll be continued next week! But to prove how nice-nice I am, I'll tell you what I decided, right now!

The beach resort! I had to cancel last minute with my date *sigh* and wish all my friends good luck for the crowning of Prom King and Queen, and with that, *POOF*, I was away to my beach resort. But, never fear, I found out what the prom was like so I can tell you all about it (see! I told you I was nice!).

The prom was a major success, and everyone had a blast saying dance bop and clamming someone for a projectile =D That's right, people who forgot or ran out of kisses, hearts and other projectiles clamed someone who had one, two or fifty-six to spear, they thought of the prom as a...business opportunity! And in those days you'd just say Clam So-and-so and ta-da, they'd get a clam! Sound swish? Not really, ppl would steal them (like the steal footballs an stuff) and if you had an I.O.U on someone for 200 clams you'd be there forever saying clam so and so...ANYHOO, back to the story!

The crowning of King and Queen was made and even though everyone who didn't get the title was guttered for awhile, they soon got over it and said congratualtions and continued to have a great time..

So moving on... way later that night, the prom finally started to dwindle and slowly get smaller. People started to move off into private house parties in Myville and some even called it a night and went home to sleep. But one thing's sure from everyone I talked to, "The night was one that'll be unforgettable amongst the Oldbies!"

Now would be a good time to finish the story, right? WRONG! (Don't be too upset if you said "right" instead of wrong.) The Prom wasn't over there! Noooo way Josie!

After the prom, there was a big, big, big deal over the King and Queen who (lucky them) got to be individuals with a crown! But something wasn't quite right...The voting for Prom King was uncovered and it was a sham, set up by someone (nothing was ever proved about who) using various randomly named accounts. Oh, well, some people! This just added to making the Doo-Day unforgettable! Psst: I wont tell you who the King & Queen were, you can find out yourself in the Times archives; also, you can find pictures of the prom there taken by one of the Times Photographers!

Whyville's First Prom was very exciting and I hope you enjoyed my retelling of the story. FYI, I didn't make any of it up. That's correct, it's 100% REAL! Whoa...

As I write this, I want to wish good luck to everyone in the results of Prom King and Queen, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy themselves, getting ready and making it in time to the prom! It doesn't matter whether you have a date or not, just have fun "dance bopping" the night away...

I think I'll go bake something,
This is Tech...
signing out =D



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