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Prom Photography

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Prom Photography

Times Writer

I am pooped! This weekend has been busy, I went shopping and saw a movie yesterday, and now I have homework, and what you would call a major party day tonight. Somehow, I managed to find time to go to the prom as well.

I was going to dress up as a lion, but mind you it didn't turn out looking the way I wanted, so I just wore a dress I had bought a while back. No date either, but I still had lots of fun --I ran into someone I had first met when I first joined Whyville and wasn't known as a Times Writer. Back then, we got off to a bad start. We are now friends, after meeting at the prom!

Seeing how packed it was at the Sportplatz (I've never seen so many people there!) I am sure that there are some people who didn't get to go. Or, like Amanda, you forget until a half hour before it started and then had a major freak out.... Well, anyway, I took some pictures so the people who didn't get to come would be able to see what went on. I hope you enjoy.

Luv, Giggler01


For some of the oldies (oldbies, whatever) who attended the first prom, this should look a little familiar, which is great. I have seen a picture that looks a lot like this, only the people look a LOT different. I think it was from the 1999 prom. Think of what it'll be like in three more years!??

I waited around for about half an hour to get a picture or two of some couples, but none were coming around, so I just took pictures of people having fun. Ditto for the next morning.

Above: This is what I saw when I first got to the prom. It's a bit of a change from what you usually get in a chat room, hey? Of course, there are two royals in this picture, gracing us with their presence.

Below: More party action, this one wasn't as busy, though, so I had a sip of punch before getting back to work. =D

Above: I am thinking that I should have taken these people's names... and of course, I probably should have said "Prom Time" with the rest!

Below: I admit that I was tired on the night of the prom, so I didn't stay around for a long time, but in the morning I changed and kept partying in "The City That Never Sleeps". (Aren't I a smart cookie?)



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