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It's Wanting What You've Got

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It's Wanting What You've Got

Times Writer

Hey all, Lilbeaut here. I just got my first Why-Pass (with much coaxing!) Lucky me. Well, I was getting ready for the prom (picking my nose and all, LoL). I had no date and I didn't really want one. A one night stand with somebody who I don't know if he is a 10 year old kid? I don't think so. Anyway, back to the prom...

The prom, I thought, was, well, not that fun. Many people would call it a gyp, but I wouldn't go that far until you hear what I have to say. First of all, yes, I have and did at the time of the prom have a Why-Pass. I was so excited to not see the waiting room. First problem, Whyville wouldn't load for me because so many people were desperate to get to the prom. They were jamming the servers big-time! At first, I thought it was my computer so I tried the 3 other computers in the house.

After pressing reload for about the billionth time, I was down to my 10th cup of mocha, my double-double from In-N-Out, my coke, and my fries, were all outta stock. Things were lookin' hairy. But finally, I somehow got Whyville to load and I signed on (without the waiting room... Why-Pass, dear, Why-Pass). I went to the Sportplatz and then I knew I needed to call Shakey's.

It was the biggest mob you've ever seen! I couldn't even find a spot. I had to either stand on top of people or stay in the pile. People were screaming to vote for them. They were saying how hard they had worked to be prom king/queen. (Worked?) Girls and guys alike were complaining that they didn't have a date. Many people were fighting and complaining that they couldn't hear the music (me either!); I didn't like it there at all. So I didn't stay very long. Just long enough to jot down what I'm writing now.

The second problem was that the computer kept freezing up, have "Errors," and kept restarting and messing up the internet because all the people at Whyville for the prom were totally demolishing my computer. Even when I restarted my computer, it messed up. I was totally bummed. I had waited for the prom for as long as when it first was announced in the Times. What a dud. Now I was stuck with a messed up computer, no food, caffeine, or shows on TV. All I had left to do was talk to my best friend on the phone.

The last problem is that I believe many other people had the exact problems I had had. However, instead of kindly writing about it in the Times (don't I sound like a brown noser, LOL!) they shot their mouths off at Whyville, getting everyone else rallied. Sure, the prom had its problems, but it also had a couple good things too. Finding out who the royal court was (King, Queen, etc.). Seeing everyone in their cool outfits. And my personal fave: people watching. =P

Many people just complained. City Hall and her workers worked really hard on this and even added extra hangouts in the Sportzplatz to hear that "the prom's lame." That just isn't right. When you were in Kindergarten and you made a "pretty drawing" did your mom tell you it was lame? LOL. That is a little extreme, but you get my drift.

Yes, I got a bit gypped (not on purpose of course), but I'm still glad it happened.

It's wanting what you've got. Not wanting what you don't.



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