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History of the Times (Part 3)

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History of the Times (Part 3)

Times Writer

Do not expect a "Hello!" or "How are you today?" from me today. I am tired, and cold and sick. But, I have decided that tonight, to keep me busy, I would like to write the next article in my mini-series. In this edition, I shall talk about the Whyville Gallery, as a part of The Times History.

As of right now, the gallery is fairly small. There are only about ten articles, but it is my personal favorite part of the Times. I like to just look at it. It doesn't involve a lot of thinking, as compared to reading the articles.

There are basically two categories in the gallery. There are pictures that citizens have drawn, based on how they see things in Whyville. These are mostly created because of contests. It was pictures like this, drawn of citizen's views of the Twister Fish, that inspired the gallery, thanks originally to Shelly1.

Other drawings that are included are Whyville flags. I suggest that you check them out, if you haven't already. They are super wicked! Why aren't they displayed somewhere in Whyville, like at City Hall?

The other type of pictures that are displayed in the gallery play a VERY important part of our history. These are pictures of people hanging out around Whyville. Ever wondered what Whyville used to look like? It was very tiny, and most everyone had the same basic look.

In three years, when newbies sign up, and some people on Whyville have grown older and left, it will be so interesting for them to be able to look back and see this. That will be great!

So that's it for this time. This is Giggler01, not saying anything at all because I just fell off my chair and can't stop laughing.



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