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I'm Lovin' This

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I'm Lovin' This

Guest Writer

Hey Whyville,

None of you probably know me, I just joined today. I can't even speak yet. My friend just introduced to Whyville today. I'm at her house right now. I just wanted to say a few things.

I am loving it here! This site is unique, unlike any other I have ever joined. It looks like you have put a lot into this site and I would just like to say it really has all paid off. Even though this is my first day and I'm not able to chat, there is still so much more I can do.

After being shown around a little and getting the lay of land, I decided to try the games my friend pointed out would increase my salary and make life in Whyville a lot easier. So far I've managed to get gold in the skater game. I've had a blast trying on here. You guys have made learning fun. Congratulations. You are the one and only site I have ever experienced that has been able to fulfill that.

Also, all of the people here so far, have been very nice. Not to me directly, but what I've seen so far is that the people here are really cool and I look forward to meeting them when I CAN talk :). By the way, I really don't see the point of not being able to chat... :S Anyway that's beside the point. I love it here!

I think you guys deserve an award or something. Some sort of recognition should be presented to you. In my opinion at least. So thank you very much, even though this is my first day, and I still have much more to see and do, I just wanted to say thanks.

I doubt many of you realize you are learning from this site because it just seems like you are having fun. Don't underestimate Whyville though, I bet you are learning more than you think.

Lovin' This,



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