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Hello, fellow Whyvillians. It's kewlgurl6 here and I would like to talk to you today about something that is very big right now: SPONSORS!

Right now, I am in the waiting room trying to get on, so I have decided to read the newspaper. One of the topics that I have seen a lot of is sponsors. I just read an article written by Tiggie10 about, you guessed it, SPONSORS. Last week, I was in the same situation and I read an article written by LilBeaut. I personally think that they both have very good ideas. LilBeaut asked anyone who wanted to help her to y-mail her. That's what I plan to do. (I haven't been able to all week because I have had to go to my grandmother's house right after school everyday this week. She has a computer but it isn't set up to handle Java, so the images on Whyville don't show up.) I agree with these girls 100% and I intend to show that. I also have some ideas of my own.

First of all, my father is a police officer, so I know a bit about what they do and what their major concerns are. One of them is kids. From what I know, police want kids to be doing things like going on Whyville. For one thing, if they are on Whyville, then they can't be getting in trouble. Also remember that Whyville is an educational site! (Just a note: I hope I am not offending anyone when I say what the major concerns of police officers are. I know that everybody is an individual with their own opinions. I was just talking about my opinion.) I think that a group of Whyvillians who live in the same area could get their local police station to sponsor Whyville. Adults tend to listen to a group of children, especially if the kids have their parents with them, more then they tend to listen to just one child.

Another one of my ideas that I share with other Whyvillians is getting a store, company, club, etc. to sponsor us. This is the popular idea that you've heard many times where if you want a skateboard company, a pet store, a photograph club, etc. to sponsor Whyville, you offer to them a skate park, pet store, a place to take pictures on Whyville, or anything concerning what the sponsor does, with their name on it as advertisement. The possibilities are huge.

I have talked to several adults that I know (mostly relatives) and told them about Whyville. I explained what it is and what we do on it. I talked about Why-Passes, sponsors, the games, the chat and chat filter (how it won't let you say certain words), the waiting room, the Times, Akbar's and face parts, and many many other things. By the time I had finished talking, I was very surprised. I always knew that Whyville was really great, but I never knew it was this great. I also never knew that an internet site could be so good and so safe at the same time. After speaking to them, my parents even let me get a Why-pass! I didn't even ask!

If you have any other suggestions, y-mail me! Maybe we can all start a huge campaign to get more sponsors! I really love Whyville and I never want to lose it to funding. If you feel the same way, then please try to help.

Well, this is kewlgurl6 saying thank you very much and remember to get sponsors!




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