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A Proper King and Queen

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A Proper King and Queen

Times Writer

Saturday morning, the week before the Prom. Pool Party. Been asked by 11 people to vote for them! Know the feeling, hun?

Well, on the Saturday that we were allowed to start voting, I voted for two people. One guy, one girl. I think that sounds right to me -- look at these people who vote for a dozen people because they are getting paid! Oh yeah, that's really royal.

And think of it this way. Say it's time for the election for who will be President of the U.S. You might vote for Bush, but you can't vote for Gore later, just because he pays you. So why should you vote for more then one person here?

In my opinion, a royal should be deserving. You shouldn't vote for someone you don't know anything about, just because they'll vote for you! For all you know, you could be voting for the next Skumbag68! That would make us all very happy, hey?

So I decided to interview gartner, to see what he had to say about all of this, seeing as he had asked me to vote for him on several occasions.

Me: Hey, Can I interview you for an article about Prom Votes?
Gartner: No. You wouldn't vote for me.
Me: Guess what? You aren't the only person I didn't vote for; I voted for two people, and that's all I'm voting for
Gartner: Well...
Me: See, I wanted my votes to count, so I only voted for a guy and girl. It's nothing personal, believe.
Gartner: Whatever.
Me: So can I? I only want a couple of quick questions.
Gartner: K. If you hurry, and then vote for me.

Me: I'll consider it. First Question. Do you think you deserve to be Prom King and Why?
Gartner: I hope I get it because I have tried so hard to get it and I will respect everyone, and treat everyone equally.

Me: Okay! Great! So, have you tried to get people to vote for you by paying them, or voting for them? Can you justify it?
Gartner: I would never pay someone to vote for me, they would have to do it themselves, but I would vote for them if they are my friends.

Me: Okay, so how do you get so many people to vote for you then?
Gartner: I just ask them if they can please vote for me, and they usually do.

Me: Okay, last question, Is there anyone you would like to see be Prom Queen and Why?
Gartner: Well I'd really like to see my girlfriend be queen, but I'd also like to see [real name removed, username unknown] become queen, because she deserves to be rewarded for what she contributes to Whyville by making face parts and making everyone feel at home, even newbies.

Me: Great! Thanks for your time, I'll consider voting for you.
Gartner: Thanks.

Okay, so maybe I might vote for him. He did give some pretty good answers.... But that's beyond the point! Be wise with your votes, whether for prom or anything else the future has in store for us Whyvillians! This is Giggler01, out to lunch.



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