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Many Thoughts on the Prom

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Many Thoughts on the Prom

Guest Writer

Most of you have heard about the prom that was on Saturday, May 25th. The Sportplatz was crowded and everyone was trying to find their dates. Congrats to JayR and TrYsT, prom king and queen!

I asked JayR how he felt about becoming prom king 2002. He said: "Happy, because people don't hate me." Then I asked him if he personally thought he should have won, to which he said: "Yeah, because being prom king comes with popularity and you need to be popular to get votes and I had the respect."

Then I asked JayR how he felt about TrYsT the prom queen and if he thought she deserved to win. He said: "She's nice and yes I think she deserved to win."

Some of you might have heard the music, but I noticed most people couldn't hear it. I asked SuGaHuNy, q1w2, and cowgurl to rate the music from 1-10. I got 3 different answers! SuGaHuNy said 6 out of ten, q1w2 said 0 out of ten and cowgurl said: "It isn't comparable really to anything I've ever heard before."

Next I interviewed Goddess41 and silasw. I asked Goddess41 how she liked the prom, and she said: "I think it's great... REALLY GREAT!!" I asked silasw what she noticed people were wearing, and she observed: "Some people are wearing normal clothes and other people aren't using fashion tips from the Times."

Well, I hope you all had a GREAT time at the prom!!!

Bye for now,



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