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Promenade Your Views

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Promenade Your Views

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Hey! It's me, Cruzer41, reporting once again! Today, I am going to interview fellow Whyvillians garthette and sulley44. I will be asking them questions about the Whyville Prom 2002.

Me: Did you like the Whyville Prom 2002?
garthette: Ya, but I expected a lot more, like more organization.
Me: Okay. What was your favorite part of the Prom?
garthette: My favorite part was JayR being king!!!
Me: Haha! What didn't you like about the Prom?
garthette: I didn't like how unorganized it was.
Me: What do you mean by that?
garthette: There should be more excitement, it's just like... BORING!!!!
Me: Thank you for you time!

Now, moving on to the next Whyvillian I interviewed about the Whyville Prom!

Me: Did you like the Whyville Prom 2002?
sulley44: No, not really because it was boring!
Me: What was your favorite part?
sulley44: I loved the decorations such as the streamers and balloons.
Me: What didn't you like about the Prom?
sulley44: I didn't like the music they were playing.
Me: What didn't you like about the music?
sulley44: It was all piano music, and I don't like that kinda music.
Me: That's all the questions, thank you for you time!
sulley44: No prob, anytime, girl!

As you can see, 2 out of like a zillion people didn't like the Whyville Prom 2002. In my case, it was pretty neat, because in 1999 I missed the prom (on my other account) and I cried for days!!!

Well, this is Cruzer41, signing out! And oh yea, if you have any topics for me to do my next report on, Y-mail me!



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