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Hello guys! Today I'm writing an advice article, to help any new fashion writers. I have been writing a lot of fashion articles, in the past few months. I've also learned many things, on how to write a successful fashion article. Fashion articles are more creative and fun than other articles. I have an interest in fashion and styling, hence I thought I'd bring it to Whyville. If you are considering writing fashion related articles, keep reading to see my top tips.


To attract readers, you have to make sure your articles are well presented. In the past, my fashion articles were all over the place! Presenting my work is the main thing I've learned. Not long ago I was introduced to Polyvore. It's a fantastic website which allows you to present outfits, in a well presented way. They have many templates for you to choose. Here are some I like.

Presenting your articles in a decent way attracts many readers. I advice any new fashion writers, to try out Polyvore. It also provides you with the price and shop of each item, which you can include in your article. There are many other ways to present your fashion work, other than Polyvore. Making sure your items are a decent size is a good idea.

Decent items/looks

When you're writing fashion articles, it's important to use decent looks or clothing items. Only send off a fashion article if the looks are decent and you're happy with it. It's pointless to send off looks that are not decent, and you're not happy about. If you are struggling with looking for something decent, look out for inspiration. There are so many things that can inspire you! Whether it's fashion magazine, celebrities or models you can get many ideas from them.

Starting Fashion Series

Starting a fashion series definitely attracts many readers. Although there are not many fashion writers nowadays, starting a series will be fun. A couple that I have are my "What I Heart" series and my "How to Style" and of course my monthly lookbooks. Many of the older fashion writers also had interesting series. Cbeatles, who was an older writer, had a couple of amazing fashion series. I personally read her older articles, as they give me inspiration. Some of her series are the "Fabulously Frugal", "Celebrity Looks For Less", and the "To Wear and Not To Wear". Staring a fashion series, will again structure your articles and attract many readers, every week!

Trends and Inspiration

It's important to look out for trends going on around you. This can give you many article ideas, to talk about them to everyone else. Another thing to look out for is inspiration. YouTube beauty gurus are my fashion inspiration. It's also where I got the "How to Style" series idea from. Looking out for inspiration is always a good idea.

Okay guys! Those are my top tips for fashion articles. I hope they've helped you. Keep in mind these are just things I can consider doing, there are many more things. I hope you've enjoyed this article, and hopefully we'll be seeing more fashion writers soon!


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