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A Day in the Life of a Fashion Design Student

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As a senior at college studying Apparel Design and Technology, I am putting together my own collection to be shown at my school's fashion show. I have been working hard on constructing these garments all year long, and have decided to share some of my croquis (those are fashion figure sketches!). All three of these designs are looks that I have already sewn. The collection is inspired by a scene of Batman and the Joker at a dark, eerie carnival.

Look 1 references the distorted proportions you would see when looking through a fun house mirror. The structure was created with plastic and rigilene boning and a lot of petticoat netting. Look 2 is inspired by the Joker, and the peplum-like extension on the jacket is built up with pillow stuffing to give the outfit a bold silhouette. Look 3 is based off Batman himself, and the curled shoulders are made with pillow stuffing and wire.

I like to draw figures that are not true to life. The heads are entirely too large for the body of the model, and the body is entirely too small for the head. This approach, paired with the gigantic, creepy eyes, alludes to that same creepy, clown-like carnival on which the entire collection is based.


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