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Lips Makeup Tips

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Hello, Mangorox here with some makeup tips!

So whether you like to wear lots of makeup or just a dab of mascara everyday, here are the tips for you!

Today we are going to discuss lips.

One of hottest trends in Korea right now is gradient or ombre lip color. It's been becoming widely popular throughout the US and other countries outside of Korea as well.

​In my opinion this look gives off kind of an 'I've been eating popsicles all day' kind of look, which I think is perfect for summer!

What you will need:

- Nude lip-liner or concealer - Lipstick/lip-stain/lipgloss of your choice (I prefer pinks)
- And a nude or clear lipgloss (optional but I think it gives the nicest look)

Here's what I chose to use:

(from left to right: NYX buttergloss in creme brulee, Rimmel Show Off lip lacquer in big bang, Loreal true match concealer in n1-2-3, Milani lipstcik in rose hip)

First off, line your lips with your lip-liner or concealer, filling in the edges of your lips almost to the center. Like I did in the next picture.

​Next fill in the very center of your lips with whatever color lipcolor you chose and use your finger to blend the concealer and lipstick together.

​Next (this is optional) add some lipgloss, I added a nude lip-gloss to the outer part and a bright red lip-gloss to the middle to make it brighter.

And here is my finished look.

​I hope you enjoyed! ​


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