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Rant of the Week: Body Shaming

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Hello my fellow Whyvillians! It's Honeybbz9 here, with a new series. I liked the whole idea of a rant series, I'm calling it 'Rant of the week.' Any week I feel like ranting, I'll share it with you guys. Please keep in mind everything I say is my personal opinion. This series in no way is to offend anyone, but to rather share my thoughts. Let's get onto this week's rant.

I recently have been seeing a lot of body shaming. It is something that really annoys me. Whether it's attacking a big person, or a thin person; it's still hurtful. Nowadays many people suffer from disorders, due to lacking body confidence. I do not agree with degrading quotes such as, 'Real women have curves.' Regardless of your body appearance, a woman is still a woman. People should be judged by their personality and the way they treat others, rather than the size of their waist. Shaming thinner people is just as hurtful as degrading bigger people. Some people are naturally skinny, yet I see people ask if they have a disorder or why they are so thin. It's very offensive to so many people. Being thin doesn't automatically make you unhealthy. As long as you are healthy that's all that matters. Ever since the 'curvy girl' came in trend, some smaller girls have been name called for not looking like the curvier girls. It really does not matter at all.

This certainly affects bigger people as well. As you can see I'm talking about both situations. Just like thin girls, some big girls also experience people commenting badly on their body. Things like the 'thigh gap' and small waistlines, have become very common. Girls who are thicker are also constantly being called awful names. Disorders like bulimia and anorexia, are in my opinion based on negativity and lack of confidence. Calling someone 'fat' is awful, and just as bad as calling out a skinny person. Real women have curves, real women are also thin, all women are real women! Calling someone out badly because they are bigger, leads to eating unhealthily out of emotion.

This also exists within men as well. Some guys are not as muscular, and don't 'lift' as much as others. This is not an excuse to name call them, for looking a little 'weaker.' Just like women men do experience this as well. Women with athletic bodies are also sometimes teased by other girls. They are sometimes called, lesbians or other names just for wanting to keep fit.

I've spoken about different people who experience body shaming. I'm more than positive, that there are a lot more ways. At the end of the day, if your opinion is just going to hurt someone keep it to yourself. Let us all embrace our bodies, unless there is something unhealthy about it. This should be sorted out by a doctor and by healthy lifestyle changes. I hope you've enjoyed this week's rant. Mail me for any other suggestions and I'll see you next week!


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