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App Review: Crossy Roads

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Hey guys! In celebration of Christmas, amost of you guys will or have gotten electronics and you don't know what app to get. I will start doing app reviews. Hopefully, if all of you like it, I will continue. So this week, I will be reviewing Crossy Roads!

I scavenged the App Store all day, it was my birthday, and I finally got a iPad. At first, I scrolled up and down the popular and free section. Near the top was an app called "Crossy Roads".

I was skeptical, knowing that it probably wasn't fun, and continued on my app spree. The next Tuesday, I saw my friend Kaila, and she was playing it. I asked her if I can try, and then, I fell in love. When I got home, I quickly downloaded and installed.

You start off with a chicken sim. You have to get across the road, train tracks, and water with logs to jump on. You will notice a timer. That's when they give you free coins. You use the coins to try your luck in the prize machine, that looks quite similar to a gumball machine, but filled with little gifts, and a crank to press. Once you press the 100 coin button, the machine shakes, and then deposits a little gift capsule. It opens, and then you see what character you got. Some characters, like Doge, have special features. Doge says random phrases, and eventually fill up the screen. The alien can abduct cows, the ghost can make the grave diggers shiver, and much more.

I know I was skeptical at first, but Crossy Roads is really a great game. I would have to give this app 5/5 stars! It's an strangely amazing game to have fun on. It's also a great app to make time faster on those boring school days, or on break. I bet you'll love it just like I do!


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