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Youth Violence Essay

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Many kids who participate in the Internet are cyberbullied. Cyberbullying is one of many forms of violence, and most verbal. People can hack, threaten, blackmail and much more, with no consequences, nor identity, and it is slowly increasing by the minute. Everyday people have to wonder, how do we stop this?

One example is from an application found on Google Play, and the App Store. It's named, "Yak". Yak is intended for people locally to chat about events, or things coming up. College students were the main age for this app, but it has gone terribly wrong, everyone around the world are finding new ways to cyberbully, and this app may have helped them. Is there a way to stop this conflict?

Megan, a friend, has affected my life forever. She has been bullied countless times on social media. Many horrific words, printed on the screen, will remain forever to haunt her. She looked at them, and couldn't deal with them anymore. She decided to hurt herself. I couldn't bare to look at her arms, as they were covered with many scars. I didn't know how to fix it at all, as I could imagine her crying at night like she tells me. I knew, I had to do something. I saw a few weren't anonymous, and texted them. I stated that their actions weren't nice, and they were hurting her physically, as well as mentally. I told them to leave her alone, and think of their actions. I quickly went on her account, blocking, and making her account private. She still has it there, and doesn't have any conflict. I was very glad to see her happy, and not depressed as she was anymore. I knew that I changed a few lives, just defending her. And I was sure proud of that.

Jealousy is one of the main sources of bullying. It overcomes many people, and it makes them do horrible things. It has been found in many cases, that they also been traumatized in a past event, and that was the reason for their actions. Some were bullied, and some do it to show off. They do not realize hat they are really doing, and instead, hurt the person. Their actions can truly hurt the victim.

Cyberbullying may be less of physical damage, but it can damage the victim. Many social medias have cyberbullies everywhere. They are doing something by a block option, and more. If they can help cyberbullying all over the world, we can end it completely.


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