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MeBeLizzi. Yup, we all know her; she's the BBSer everyone loves, everyone knows. I've noticed that there's been a lack of Whyvillian in the Spotlight articles recently and I wanted to write one. Who about? Lizzi seemed to be the obvious candidate. She really, really deserves this article and I just hope that my words can do her justice!

Lizzi was born on November 11th (Armistice Day!) 1996, and lives in the state of Michigan. Apart from living with her mega irritating sister, she lives with her mum and has purple hair! She has a deep love for pizza and sleeping. In her spare time, she sings, knits, crochets, sews, plays multiple instruments, writes songs and sleeps some more. Oh, and Whyville, of course! Lizzi is really clever; she graduated a whole semester earlier than she was supposed to! That's pretty sassy, if I don't say so myself. She also has two guinea pigs that sleep, eat and squeak

Moving on to her Whyville life . . .

MeBeLizzi joined Whyville on March 11th, at the tender age of fourteen. MeBeLizzi is one of the most inspiring people on Whyville. She's often found in the BBS, actively participating in a lot of things; from debating some controversial point to giving advice and encouragement to those who need it. Lizzi is always so open with people. She's shared her past experiences on the BBS to help others. What do I love most about her? She's always ready to talk. She asks questions. She's not self-absorbed. She makes you feel as if you're valued, as if she really likes you. Even though there's an age gap between us, she?s always treated me as her equal. I feel comfortable with her, I can relate to her. I think she's absolutely and utterly amazing.

She's smart, funny and kind - I love talking to her. Did you also know that she's super talented? Of course you did! But, in case you?ve forgotten, I'll tell you about some of the things she's achieved.

In 2013, she was nominated three times for a times award! Her writing is extraordinary. She mostly submits poetry to the Times, and each and every one of these is amazing. Her poems flow beautifully and some were so powerful they brought me to the edge of tears. Making me cry is very hard, unless you're an onion, which means MeBeLizzi has definitely got a gift!

In total, she has submitted ninety-eight pieces of content for the Times. Sixty-nine of those are poems or stories. That's a heck of a lot of articles!

She's also managed to keep her guinea pigs alive, which is a major achievement.

Since MeBeLizzi is totally and utterly amazing, I thought I'd ask* her friends to give me a paragraph each about her! There were so many people eager to say nice things about Lizzi that my mailbox was temporarily swamped and my internet broke down. I had enormous difficulty in selecting the comments to publish!

*If you count holding Cairo's cuddle blanket to ransom asking, then sure.

MeBeLizzi. You're a wonderful girl, with a wonderful personality. Sure, things don't always turn out right, but what's a rollercoaster without a few bumps? There are so, so many people who love you. You've impacted my life - you've impacted many other lives. You've been a friend who helped me up when I was down and whatnot. You should be proud of yourself. You are beautiful, in so many ways!


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