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The Sims

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Some of you may know what I'm talking about. Others may not. "The Sims" is an award winning series of computer, console, and handheld games.

The Sims came from the Oakland Firestorm of 1991. Also a little bit from another series, SimCity. He first proposed the idea to Maxis (the company that made the game) in 1993. However, they liked the idea, they did not make it, due to it seeming like computers at the time could not play the game. However, in 1997, when Maxis was purchased by Electronic Arts, they agreed to publish it. It was nicknamed Project X. Eventually, they named it Dollhouse and later The Sims.

There have been four titles in the main series.

The Sims

Today known better as The Sims 1, was released in February of 2000. Players watch over their virtual people called "sims." Sims must tend to their needs, get a job, and make friends in a suburb of SimCity. Their is no specific objective, and the game is open ended. Despite this, states of failure do exist. For example, death can happen either by starvation, electrocution, drowning, or fire. Sims can be fired from their job, etc.

Seven expansion packs were made:

Livin' Large: Introduced new objects and NPCs.
House Party: Added more detailed parties to the game.
Vacation: Allowed sims to go on vacation.
Hot Date: Sims could go to downtown SimCity and romantically socialize with other sims.

Unleashed: Pets were introduced to the game.
Superstar: Sims could become famous.
Makin' Magic: Sims could perform magic spells on other sims.

The Sims 2

Released a year after The Sims: Makin' Magic, The Sims 2 is a sequel to The Sims. It transitions to full 3D graphics (The Sims was 2D sprites) and takes 25 years after The Sims (which means that it takes place possibly in 2025) . Within the 25 years, several sims have died, grown up, and retired. Unlike The Sims, there are 3 neighborhoods (towns) instead of one. Pleasantview has many returning characters, Strangetown contains strange elements, Veronaville is based on many plays by Shakespeare. Also, sims have life goals called "Aspirations."

Eight expansion packs were made:

University: Allowed sims to attend college.
Nightlife: Similar to Hot date.
Open for Business: Allowed sims to open stores.
Pets: Similar to Unleashed.
Seasons: Introduced weather.
Bon Voyage: Introduced vacations.
Freetime: Included hobbies.
Apartment life: Sims could live in apartments.

The Sims 3

Taking place 25 years before The Sims, The Sims 3 is a prequel to The Sims (so it may take place in 1975) . One unique feature is the trait system replacing the personality point system. Traits are more detailed. They can also be inherited from their parents. Another is that neighborhoods have been replaced with an open "World" concept. Also, instead of aspirations, sims main goal is life is called a "Lifetime Wish", which are easier to complete.

11 expansion packs were made:

World Adventures: Vacationing was introduced.
Ambitions: Playable careers. (Other careers, the player can't control what their sims does)
Late Night: Similar to Hot Date and Nightlife.
Generations: More detailed families.
Pets: Pets were introduced.
Showtime: Similar to Superstar
Supernatural: Out of the normal sims are introduced.
Seasons: Weather.
University Life: College
Island Paradise: Islands.
Into the future: Futuristic elements.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is different from other games. For example, it takes place in an alternate timeline. This game returns to the trait system, but only 4 can be picked. Several NPCs are missing from the game. Aspirations return in this game. There are three worlds, Willow Creek is a town that takes place near a creek. Oasis Springs takes place in a desert. Newcrest (which was introduced in Patch 20) is empty at the start of the game.

So far, one expansion pack has been made. Another is in development.

Get to work: Similar to Open for Business and Ambitions.
Get Together: (in development) Similar to Livin' Large, Nightlife, and Late Night.

Author's Note: Sources: The Sims Wiki, Wikipedia, the game


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