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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

Building, building, building. Whyville is all about growth and expansion, and this week we bring you two new developments:

1. While passing through Whyville Square, you must've noticed by now that the Times Building has been torn down and replaced by a fancy new structure. It's got fountains, columns, and wavy spires; it's the long-awaited-for City Hall! The City Hall is the largest project this city has ever taken on, so it will take a while to be fully completed. Open to the public this week is the auditorium, where Whyvillians will be able to put on their own shows and performances.

2. The other big development is in Myville. You've guess it -- a new neighborhood! A brand new Myville neighborhood is open, with close to 300 available plots. Those of you homeless in Whyville, this one's for you!

Amidst all this excitement, don't forget to check out the articles in the Times. More Whyvillians than ever before contributed to this issue of the Times; 14 in all. So don't miss out!

Lest I forget -- Tiki Travel Agency would like to congratulate Solstice Safari Team, the Sun Spotters. Led by captain Kelly, they are currently leading the pack after the first team challenge. To find out how your team is doing, check out the Team Standings Board on top of the Sun Roof!

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