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The Richest in Whyville

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The Richest In Whyville

by shelly1
Times Writer

Hi this is Shelly1 reporting on a topic I've been wondering about for a while. My topic today is "who has the most clams in Whyville?". I mean lots of people SAY they have the most clams, but you never know. They might not be as good as their word.

"Who really has the most?" you ask. Well, City Hall has given me a list of the top 20 richest Whyville citizens. Here they are:

  1. Riven
  2. carolina
  3. Kelly
  4. Neleh
  5. cebola
  6. shelly1
  7. amanda
  8. 7
  9. KaWoods
  10. DanceGurl
  11. SugarBeet
  12. Emily5
  13. apickard
  14. Faye
  15. madeleine
  16. Love
  17. Etrnl *
  18. Helen
  19. fllrb
  20. Charity

How did these people get that many clams to be on the list? Well let's talk to one of the top people on the list, Carolina, and see how she made it to the top! In the interview she will be giving lots of information on how to get lots of clams. But dont think the clams are the most important thing. That's not all there is to Whyville.

Well enough of my blab! Let's get to the interview, shall we?

Carolina, did you know you were one of the richest in Whyville?
City Hall had mentioned that before, but it's because I've been on for a long time. It actually makes me very embarrassed.

What are some really good ways to get clams?
The alien search and logging in everyday for your salary. I try to do the ones that increase your salary permanently, such as the skater game and the balloon race. And don't miss out on any bonus clams such as the 80 clams being given away to educate your parents.

What sorts of things do you do to get so many clams?
Mostly log in everyday including Saturdays and Sundays. I don't spend much. I always try to buy from the Trading Post if I can.

Exactly how many clams do you have?
I haven't check, but around 5000 clams. The number of clams has increased a lot ever since I finished all 5 levels of the Balloon Race. It's extremely hard. But hard work pays off. I wish it were this much fun to make money in the real world!

Do you spend a lot or do you save?
As I said before I try to buy from the Trading Post when possible. I don't spend much, but not because I want to accumulate clams. I don't know how I ended up with so many in the first place.

One of Whyville's richest relaxing in her well-appointed home.

Do you keep track of the amount of clams you spend?
I don't keep track of how many I have. I don't feel I have to buy anything.

Do you think you'll ever go blow all your clams on stuff?
On what? I haven't gotten a t-shirt yet. So maybe I'll do that sometime soon.

Do you come on Whyville a lot?
I try to log in everyday if possible.

What is the most important thing in getting clams?
Playing the games and logging in everyday.

Do you ever write for the Times?
No, I haven't done that yet. But i have read every issue and they've been great!

What is your favorite way to get clams?
At first it was the alien game but now the balloon game is by far my favorite!

What is your best advise for people trying to collect clams?
Play all the games. And of course educate your parents for the 80 clam bonus. That's a lot of clams for such a simple task!

Do you want to say anything to encourage people on their quest for clams?
Yes, don't worry so much about the clams. Go have fun with the games. Next thing you know you'll be the richest in Whyville! Just like what happend to me!

Thank you, Carolina, for those suggestions and tips you gave us. They were very helpful.

I think Carolina is right. It isn't about the clams. There is much more to Whyville than just clams so go enjoy all of Whyville until you can't take it in anymore! Whyville is the best site ever! That's why i keep coming back everyday! Well, I'll stop yapping and wrap this up.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed the article.

- Shelly1



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