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Making Newbies Feel More At Home

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Making Newbies Feel More At Home

by DanceGurl
Times Writer

Hello to all the new Whyvillians out there. We all welcome you here in Whyville.

As all other Whyvillians probably know, there is a no whispering zone in Whyville Square at this point in time. This has gotten some people a bit mad because they say they have no privacy like they used to.

Others such as newbies feel differently. While all the other Whyvillians are whispering the new people don't see anything. This makes it hard for the newcomers to communicate and ask questions to more advanced Whyvillians.

If the people of Whyville would be more interested in the well-being of newbies we would most likely not have this problem. I know all of us can relate to this because at some point in time we were all new to Whyville.

I myself had a hard time socializing with others because they were too busy whispering to their online pals. I feel that this no-whispering zone will not help the issue that much. It is just resulting into moving to a different location such as the playground, sportplatz, or pool.

Just today, I got a y-mail from a newcomer named dolphina. I was delighted to answer all of her questions and make her more comfortable with Whyville. Some of the questions that she asked me where things like:

  1. How do you get your medals that you earn into the rooms of your house?
  2. How do I earn more clams to buy things (some of the stuff is expensive)?

I think that we could overcome this issue (making newcomers feel left out) if we were more into helping them feel as though they do belong.

To all you new Whyvillians, please let other people in the Square or wherever else know if you do need help. That is what Whyville is all about. Helping people out is very important, and we all need to have a sense of belonging. Here is what two people had to say about the no-whispering zone.

DanceGurl: What do you guys think about the no-whispering zone in Whyville Square?

AAA54:I think it is ok. I mean it is going to make more people happy to be on Whyville.

Milkyway: I hate it. I have no privacy and it is getting really annoying.

I hope you all will understand the purpose of having a no-whispering zone. To all of you new folks, please feel free to y-mail me. Thank you.

Your Up-to-Date Reporter,



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