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This Whispering Deal

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This Whispering Deal

by applegate
Times Writer

Hi Whyville! Some people are upset about this 'No whispering in Whyville Square' thing, but some people think it's a great idea! I know I do. Think of when you first came to Whyville. Did some people say 'Hi!'? Yes. But some didn't, I'm sure.

When I first came I was at the Sun Spot, getting a tan. And two people came in so I said, 'Hi!' They said nothing. They moved. "Hi!' I said. Nothing. It wasn't till a month later when someone said something. Here are what some people think about this Whispering Deal.

The first person is Foxerina.

Me: What do you think of this 'No whispering In Whyville Square' thing?
Foxerina: It's a great Idea! Once I went to Whyville West and there were 5 people. I said Hi and no one said anything. Some one moved but that was it.
Me: Do you think there should be no whispering everywhere?
Foxerina: Not everywhere. Not at people's homes. Other than that, yes.
Me: Thanks!
Foxerina: Anytime!

Last one is Wolf22

Me: What do you think about this 'No whispering in Whyville Square' idea?
Wolf22: I think it's a very good idea. Very good. Before I went there and I said Hi, and no one said Hi back. Now I say Hi and about one million people say Hi back to me.
Me: Do you think no one should whisper anywhere?
Wolf22: Yes. Well, not people's homes, or the Bazaar or Sun Spot or the pool.

Thank you everyone!

What do you think? Please Y-mail me!

Your Friend,



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