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Y-Ad Agency Interview

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Y-Ad Agency Interview

by BSBGirl10
Guest Columnist

We've all seen it. The plane that flys over Whyville -- with a message. It seems to be the hot new thing around Whyville. But what do the whyvillians think of this? I decided to interview some fellow Whyvillians to find out.

First I interviewed NetQueen:

Me: What do u think of the new "Y Ad Agency"?
NetQueen: I think it's a cool idea.But most people are only advertising for prom queen and king.
Me: Have you advertised?
NetQueen: Yes.
Me: Thanks NetQueen.



Next I interviewed christina:

Me: What do you think is the best thing about The "Y Ad Agency"?
christina: I like that you can get items without having to search Akbars.
Me: Have you advertised?
christina: I will soon.
Me: Thanks christina.



Next I interviewed DanceGurl:

Me: Do you like the new "Y Ad Agency"? >br>DanceGurl: Yes.I think it's a cool way to let people know about the body parts you've made.
Me: Have you advertised?
DanceGurl: Yeah
Me: Thanks DanceGurl.



And last but not least I interviewed Bobette:

Me: Have you advertised with the "Y Ad Agency?
Bobette: No not yet
Me: Thanks Bobette. So there you have it. What 4 whyvillians, DanceGurl, christina, NetQueen, and Bobette,think about the Y Ad Agency. This is BSBGirl10, bye for now.



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