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by babygirl2
  Disgruntled Citizen

I am against the no whispering rule. Every newbie probably has a friend on Whyville who told them about Whyville, and if they don't they can make friends. Everyone has to sometime. If they just can't make friends they can tell one of their friends about Whyville and their friends and the person can talk. It's not like everybody whispers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I just think people should have there right to privacy!



by Pikachu66
  Concerned Citizen


Most of you know about the swearing in Whyville. I thought Whyville was supposed to be a peaceful place. Most people just warn which you're supposed to, but a lot of people try to stop it.

They're sort of right. I mean, someone should stop it. Like in real life, a lot of people swear in schools, and a lot of people warn them by telling them if they don't stop they will tell a teacher, but, when they do it too much, the other kids tell a teacher to stop it.

Please help stop the swearing in Whyville. It's time for people to stand against swearing!!! Everyone help stop it!!!

This is Pikachu66 signing off!!


  Whyville Activist

After reading Amanda's message about "Whyville convicts," I think I have come up with a solution.

The Whyville Correctional Facility came to mind when I thought about it. Here's how it'll work...

After the 1st offense in the chat rooms, a yellow "X" will be placed on his/her face, as usual. 2nd offense, a red "x" will be placed over his/her face. But...the 3rd time they say something offensive, they will be placed in the Whyville Correctional Facility.

Here, they will not be allowed to chat with anyone, spend any clams, or play any games in Whyville. They can log on, but it'll be very boring, because they won't be able to do anything. The amount of time in jail will be City Hall's choice. After they have been set free, if they still continue to cause trouble, they will be executed in the "Whyville Electric Chair," where they will never be allowed to access Whyville again.

Another solution might be to have citizens of Whyville be policemen. They would roam the streets, reading everyone's messages. They would have the power to "arrest" anyone causing trouble.

Anyone who agrees with me in this, write me.



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