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Come one, come all, to the brand-new Whyville Times! Gasp in awe at the incredible new layout! Lose yourselves in the expanse of the (almost) fully-searchable archives! Ponder the mysteries of the faces-that-never-change!

Yes, indeed, the venerable old Times has received one whopping facelift. See if you can find all the changes...! Along with the obvious visual alterations, you'll also discover that the author's heads will act as one-time photographs, remaining in perpetuity just as the author looked the day the article was published.

Go into the archives and try out the new search tool, which allows for keyword searches as well -- now you don't have to know the author or title to find a useful article!

Hopefully the header bar (in burgundy) and the sections column will further aid your digestion of our ever-growing newspaper... and of course, many of you have already discovered the BBS. Here's a quick FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, for those of you unfamiliar with the term) on how you should use the BBS:

  1. What is the purpose of the Times' BBS?

    The Times BBS was created for chatting about topics covered by and related to the articles attached to each bulletin board. Post research, opinions, questions -- anything that furthers intelligent discussion. Do not use the BBS for personal ads, personal attacks, or otherwise off-topic remarks.

  2. What if someone posts something off-topic or offensive?

    Please inform City Hall through use of the 911 report. Off-topic remarks will simply be deleted. Offensive ones will be deleted and punished.

  3. Anything else?

    Yep. We ask that the authors take charge of the bulletin boards related to their articles, acting as a kind of monitor/advisor of the discussion. Don't be bossy or impose your will or opinions on people; just keep the boards clean and appropriate.

Feel free to share your opinions of the new Times in the BBS below.

Times Editor


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