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The Guide To Whyville: Part 1

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Hello all! If this gets published, I'll be SO happy!

Once upon a time I was going to make a website called 'The Guide to Whyville', but that didn't work out. So instead, I thought, why don't I just put the information into an article? Of course, there's just so much stuff in Whyville, so I'll be sending these articles one after each other, hopefully so that they come on a weekly basis. Here it goes!

(Unfortunately, school's got me tied up, so as I write this, I assume you're acquainted with where everything is.)

My articles are going to zoom from one side of town to the other dealing with as many activities as I can Another note: It may be helpful to have Whyville open and this article open to follow along if you're lucky enough to have a Why-Pass!

Sector Y -- The industrial sector of Whyville, and home of Whyville's most helpful Grandmother! Near her house is the French-speaking Mimi of the Dance Studio, which happens to be the first thing on my list.

Dance Studio -- You might think that there's no educational value in this activity, and people don't really see your dances too often. But behind the fun of making a dance, there is some MATH involved (yech). When you go to create your very own dance, you head into the private studio, pay the clams, then you come to a screen which looks like a grid divided into four parts. That's called a 'Cartesian Coordinate System'.

A Cartesian Coordinate System is divided into what is known as quadrants. And there are names for each one. The one in the right top corner is know as quadrant I, and the one in the top left is quadrant II, III is bottom left, and IV is bottom right. The two lines that divide the grid are each know as an axis. The horizontal line is known as the X axis, and the vertical line is known as the Y axis. On the bottom left on the grid is a place where you input your dance moves. You press left and right to change the numbers. The numbers together are known as Ordered Pairs, and are used to say exact points on the grid. In this case, these pairs tell your happy little Whyville face where to dances.

Making a dance takes time, but when you finish, making sure you follow all the guidelines and save your dance, you have to remember that you can only have five dances at a time. To perform a dance you know/own, you say 'dance _name of dance_'. Something like 'dance bop'. To stop dancing, say 'dance stop'.

Ad Agency -- Have you ever seen a nice red plane fly over Whyville? Those are advertisements that people bought at the Ad Agency. Whenever you want to make your own ad, all you have to do is hop into the agency, and listen to the nice woman with the bubbly orange hair give you some advice and instructions. Basicly, she wants you to click the big button reading, 'Create a New Advertisement'. Then just type out your message, how many clams you want to pay, and click another nice button, 'Buy this Ad'.

When you finish, a nice message, 'Okay, you're set. Watch for our plane towing your ad through Whyville Square.' will let you know you're finished just fine. The amount of clams you paid earlier will depend on how many people see it. Each 'view' you pay for will be each 'person' who sees it. The woman at the Ad Agency has been nice enough to let you know how many 'views' you have left, and any past ads you made.

Grandma's House! -- There are two cool things you get to do here! Do you want to give or receive? Fashions of Whyville pass very quickly, and if you ever have any body parts that you don't want anymore, give it to someone else who doesn't have any! If you donate to grandma, she'll make sure she gives it to anyone who asks! If you're new to Whyville take a stroll towards grandmas at the top of the hill in Sector Y and give her a knock on the door. Just make sure you stay out of her geraniums, or she might get a little upset.

Face Factory -- Yes it's last... BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST! Once you begin to have a nice big surplus of clams each day, but you still want more, try your skill at business! Pay some clams, make a few parts, create a shop, and have Akbar help you sell them! If you know a thing or two about art, or style, this is your thing!

The Face Factory (I think) was designed for people to have fun with drawing and seeing how people like stuff, but also to get into some business. The good times, an awesome part that people are constantly begging for each day! Or a bad time... sales slump, and your money falls into a bottomless pit.... Nonetheless, every now and then, I 'donate' by buying parts (give that person clams) and re-donating that part to Grandma! Yay!

The Face Factory is the place to make parts and manage your shop. The only thing you can't do here is buy body parts, which will be covered in another article!

Well, I end this article with sore fingers and an aching head. As I prepare for the next one, I hope you at the least read the title...

-andy109, running away, tripping on a crack in the sidewalk, falling onto the Spin Lab, accidentally hitting a now-misguided rocket from WASA that crashes into Akbar's place, crushing beautiful butterflies and t-shirts, starting chaos in Whyville... 'Chaos Theory' now signing off...


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