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Welcome to Whyville!

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Hello Whyville! Welcome to Whyville! I'm glad you found us, and I hope you'll enjoy your visit enough to become a full-time citizen as thousands of others here.

To get a jump start in Whyville, go to Whyville Square and check out the links at the bottom of the screen -- "Earning More Clams" and "Getting Started in Whyville." There are a number of good articles about earning clams, making your face, and other important things.

Also, ask for advice in Whyville Square, Why West, and everywhere else in Whyville -- many Whyvillians love to help out people who want to earn their clams honestly, so don't hesitate!

For your safety and the security of the city, you won't be able to chat with others until you've visited Whyville on 5 different days or you've made a salary of 20 clams or more after 2 days. You can still throw projectiles though. Discover what those are in "Getting Started in Whyville."

We do this to make sure you first spend time getting to know all the important tools here. There are lots of them. Use this time well! It will help you in the future.

Good luck and have lots of fun!

City Hall


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