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by Natalia
Fashion Entrepeneur

Hello! I'm starting a new modeling company! It's called: Angele Co. I hope you will join. All you need to do is Y-mail me at Natalia and tell me you would like to join Angele Co. You will model for the newspaper, get clams, and have fun!

I am also looking for a photographer, an assistant, and a director. This will be sooo much fun! Here is the list:

Job Pay
Model 10 clams -- if your part gets sold out
Director 10 clams per model
Photographer Depends on how good a job



by keylime
Lotto Organizer

Hello Everyone!!

There is a new cool lottery out in Whyville now. It's called "Tropical Lotto!" All you have to do to play is ClamGram me, keylime, 2 clams. Where it says "What is this for" write Lotto Ticket.

The lottery is held at least once a week. The more people play, the more the prize is. There might also be face parts in the prize stack. Click here to read my BBS posting for more info.

Have a great time playing Tropical Lotto!!



by scoot110
Soccer Coach

Hi everyone, scoot110 here. I am making a soccer team for Whyville. Y-mail me ASAP if you want more info about this team.

This is scoot110, signing off. Good night, Whyville!





by JMXdaPimP

I have big news! Whyville has a singer -- his name is JMX, but by Whyville name he's JMXdaPimP.

Earlier we got to chat with JMX to talk to him about coming to Whyville. "Hey, I'm really excited," he said. "I hope they like me. People have told me I'm going to go to the top and I know I will. So if anyone sees or hears JMX on MTV or on the radio station, I'll be saying I told you so. I usually tour in Idaho, California, and Washington. Now I'm touring here in Whyville and I hope all of you will like me as much as I like you.

I will keep you informed where he will be at in Whyville and he will give you some songs you can look at. This is JMX say BYE BYE BYE.



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