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True Crime, Or Not?

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True Crime, Or Not
Marty B. explains what crashed Whyville

   by Marty B.
  Guest Columnist

Hi everybody. I have something to tell you all.

As some of you know, Whyville had to be shut down last week because it appeared that a gang of criminals had broken in and stolen a bunch of stuff from the Bazaar -- the number of owned objects in Whyville went up by 24 million!!

As it turns out, though, appearances can be misleading.

Most of you know my girlfriend, Fanny Furniture, even if you don't know her by name. She's the lady who waves at you from the Furniture Farm in the Whyville Bazaar.

She also happens to be good friends with Akbar and Grenouille, whose feud has hurt everybody around them, especially Fanny. She's been good friends with the brothers since they were all kids, and it's really painful for her to see her dear friends get so angry with each other.

To add to my sweetie's tension, the disaster that happened a few weeks ago had a really bad affect on her inventory. She had to stay up nights to catch up with everything. She lost a lot of clams over it all, and I'm sure everybody understands how stressful that can be.

A couple of nights ago, everything came to a head, and sweet Fanny had what the doctors say was a nervous breakdown, complicated by several panic attacks. She'd spent the night trying to finish the latest purchases from her shop, but she got so stressed that she blacked out.

When Fanny passed out, her head landed on the Return button on her keyboard, which made over 24 million orders before she woke up again! City Hall saw the size of the database and shut everything down, naturally assuming it had been an intentional crime. As it turns out, though, it was just a mistake, and Fanny wants you all to know she's very very sorry she accidentally crashed Whyville. Me, I'm just glad she's okay.

The docs say Fanny will recover soon, but she's got to stay away from work for a while. Her twin sister, Fenny, is working the store in the meantime.

If you want to, gifts and get well wishes can be sent to Fanny via City Hall. She lives out of the back of her Furniture Store, so I guess if you want to send her a Friendship "Get Well" Card, you could put it on my door. I'll make sure she sees them.

For Fanny, I want to thank everyone who's already expressed their sympathy and get well wishes! She really appreciates it. And Akbar, Grenouille... Fanny says she understands. She just wishes y'all would decide to agree to disagree or something before things get worse.




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