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Special Focus: Talking with Bigfoot Bill

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Special Focus: Talking with Bigfoot Bill
Renni converses with one of our most active citizens

   by Renni
  Times Interviewer

Hello and welcome to this very special picture article about the very special Whyville citizen who has written 18 articles and has been with Whyville since the very beginning, Bigfoot Bill!

What follows is a very special (and BIG) article on Whyville's favorite newspaper reporter!

Q: Welcome, Bigfoot! Thanks for letting me interview you, it's a real honor!
A: Oh, I'm just your average Whyvillian.

Q: When did you first come to Whyville?
A: Almost a year ago now... I first heard about Whyville from some friends who work with City Management... I was about to take a trip, I think to the Amazon, but I postponed it so I could check Whyville out....

Q: What did Whyville first look like?
A: There were no Tiki Tours or City Hall... I remember when Akbar didn't even have a Bazaar! And when he did, you didn't get to make face parts, only buy what Akbar had made... I'm still wearing my first face, actually! I remember when Myville first opened even!! Whyville has come a very long way in a year!

Q: So, how do you like working for the Whyville Times?
A: Whyville's such a cool place, I love writing about it!

Q: How did you get involved with the paper?
A: My City Management friends mentioned that they wanted to start a paper in this new online community (this was before I came), so I went to Whyville to check it out... and once I saw Whyville and its community, I knew I had to write about it! The Editor seemed to like what I wrote, and asked me to write more, and that's pretty much it!

Q: What was your first article about?
A: It was pretty wierd...

Q: What kind of articles did you write?
A: I wrote articles that described how to walk in Myville, how to make your face, how the first ledger worked....

Q: You have a lot of interesting things set in your articles that make them seem alive and real... like what you said earlier about going to the Amazon... do you just think those things up?
A: Yup, all in the ol' brain.

Q: What do you think was one of your favorite articles?
A: I really liked my "Making Your Faces" article... and the one about living room furniture, called "Calling All Couch Potatoes"... those two had to be my favorites.

Q: Well, thanks for all of your time! It was a real pleasure!
A: Well, you're welcome! It was my pleasure as well!

Well, there you have it! The great, yet humble newspaper reporter, Bigfoot!

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