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Teen Pregnancy and Birth

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There is a career out there that you might never have heard of. It's called a doula. My mom is a doula. Let me tell you more about what my mom does and how she helps teen mothers.

My mom meets with ladies before they have their baby. She meets with them to hear about their hopes and fears, too. She listens a lot. She's a good listener and she says that that is what makes her a good helper to these women. Pregnant ladies need to talk a lot about their feelings, my mom says. She finds out what the women hope their birth will be like and tells them about what to expect with it.

Some women want to have their babies at home. This is a cool decision to make, because my little sister was born at home and I got to be there.

My mom also goes with the ladies to the hospital when their baby is ready to come. She rubs their feet and massages their back. She whispers encouraging words into their ears and tells them how great they are doing. She helps them get into positions that help the baby come faster and easier and she also knows lots of stuff about helping the pain be less. My mom is really good at making women feel confident during birth so they can be a better mom after the birth.

When teenage girls have babies, they are special and my mom likes helping them. A lot of times, they are not married, so my mom is the only one there for them. Sometimes, they give their babies up for adoption and my mom is with them then, too. She cries with them and every time my mom comes home, she tells us about the birth she was at.

This was a short report I did for school about the good things my mom does for others.


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