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The Great Pox Journal

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I was so excited when Why-pox showed up again, I decided to keep a journal of my own experience with it, including daily photos of my face. Especially since so many citizens didn't seem to know anything about it. Rumors were flying everywhere about Why-pox!

If more people had only realized that they could go to the CDC and find out more about the previous round of Why-pox, there probably wouldn't have been so much misery about it. Anyway, I am attaching my photo.

And here is the journal, which I did with my Y-mail:

* * *

Okay, yesterday, October 19, 2003, I discovered everyone here has Why-Pox! I don't usually chat since I'm an adult. Everyone was sneezing & horrible pox! Before my time was over, I THOUGHT I saw myself sneeze once, but was in a crowded room, not sure it was me. Went outside the AFC rec room & waited awhile, no sneezes. Went to the beach & talked to a few people there. Not many at all who didn't have the pox! Everyone hated it, but I think it's pretty cool that this can be done....a virtual disease that actually LOOKS like a disease & acts like one, too! Today, October 20th, I too am covered in pink spots, not bad yet, and sneezing. Can't wait to see how this progresses! I think I will save my pictures daily!

* * *

October 20, 11:12 p.m. about to go to bed, and the spots are worse looking, I think. A bit bigger & pinker. LOTS of sneezing now, can hardly talk without sneezes blowing away my words!

* * *

Okay, day 3, 11:23 p.m., October 21. The spots are deeper pink and MUCH more noticeable now than yesterday. They are in some UGLY places too! It is still very tricky to try and talk around the sneezes. Annoying!

I have still seen people with no pox who haven't had it yet, but not many, and several people who are now on the mend. Most of THOSE people are seeming to follow the trend of a week long illness. I have even seen a few cheering because their pox are completely gone.

* * *

Now, Wed. October 22, 2003, my own spots are the really ugly BRIGHT red ones. Now we would be day 4. Tonight I saw many more people cured than even yesterday, as well as some newly infected people. Interestingly, though, if I remember right, the start date for this round of Why-Pox was around 10-13, so this upholds the theory of a week or so of sickness like the pox from 2002. I still saw people that wanted to get the pox tonight. I can sympathize, since I came on Whyville after the original plague and thought it was so cool that they (the makers of Whyville) could simulate a disease in virtual mode. I recognized from reading the old archives that the "pox" was back again and got all excited. (Not good for these old bones of mine!) I wanted to get pox, and darned if I didn't, right away! So now, I am keeping track as much as possible to help my fellow citizens, achoo!

* * *

October 23, 9:35 a.m. Not quite twelve hours since I looked, but the spots seem to have hit the worst peak I've seen on anybody, so by tomorrow they should be fading. Saved the picture for today, although there might not be much difference with it only 10 hours since the last one.

* * *

Ok, just like I thought, tonight, the spots are going pink...all the ugly bright red is out of them, so I am on the mend. Now, probably 2 more days until they are gone. I'm gonna go see if I am still sneezing so much... yeah, still sneezing.

* * *

Well, tonight, Fri., Oct. 24, 2002, the spots are back to kinda like day one or two. Still sneezing. My pic on my bus looks better than city records pic, but probly cuz smaller. Incidentally, my Ypox costume has sold 7 times in around 24 hours....Wonder why, since most yvillians have HATED having the pox! I guess for those who haven't had it, it could be fun, typing their OWN achoos as needed to fit in with their costume!

Incidentally, I read an article in the Times that inferred that like salary, the pox would not progress without you being on Whyville. AKA you can run but you can't hide! NOT true! My son has not been online and he got Ypox and it has progressed just like mine anyway! We both went online the same day that I recognized that Ypox had hit again, and he only went online once since he got it, but his has progressed about the same as mine....interesting!

* * *

Saturday, 10-25-03, the spots were faintly there this morning around 9:00, still sneezing some, but now, this afternoon, they are gone!!! No more sneezing either! So, my own case of the pox has run 5 or 6 days. Five for sure, possibly six since I wasn't sure it was me sneezing the night before.

* * *

Maybe my experience will help alleviate some of the rumors, especially since many have now had it and can agree that this seems to be about how it goes. I wish I had seen an article like mine before Pox began again!


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