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The Lottery You Don't Want to Win (again)

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Hey Whyville. If you read the Times, you will know that someone wrote about a story where you didn't want to win a lottery. If you went to the site and read the whole story, you may be thinking, what in the world is going on? Well, this year in my honors English class we watched that short story on video and had to write about it.

The townspeople all have to go to a lottery once a year where there is one slip for each family in the box. One of those slips has a black dot on it. Usually, the man of the house will pick the first slip. Then the members of the family, depending on how many individuals are there, each pick a slip again and one will have the black dot on it. The person who gets the black dot is sacrificed for the corn!

Back when this actually occurred, people thought you had to sacrifice someone each year in order to have a successful corn harvesting. The way the person is sacrificed is that they are stoned.

When I watched this on video it looked like the 1950's. It was an awful story and I couldn't believe it.

Now I hope you know what that story meant. I guess it's good we don't believe in those silly traditions anymore, huh?


Editor's Note: Was this story based on real events, or do you think the author was trying to tell her readers a message?


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