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I hope everyone had a spectacular Halloween this weekend! Or if you don't celebrate Halloween, I hope you simply had a spectacular weekend. :-)

This week's newspaper will have to stand as a double issue. (That means no new paper on November 7.) It's not the largest double issue we've ever produced, but in order to get everything ready for Whyville's first magazine, The Whyvillian, the Times staff has been working furiously for an early November deadline. Yes, yes, I know the magazine isn't due out until January, but it's a big project!!

The first edition of The Whyvillian will include several veteran Whyville Times writers. I'm sure many of you are wondering how you can submit your work for the magazine -- right now, we plan to invite folks who have already shown their great writing skills in the Times. So, get published in the Times, then The Whyvillian, and then... the world! Muwhahahaa!!!

Hmm. Maybe I had too much Halloween candy this morning.

In any case, all official "Times Writers" are welcome to submit to The Whyvillian by emailing times@whyville.net or whyvillian@whyville.net -- include "THE WHYVILLIAN" in your subject along with the regular subject line (type of story ; author's name ; title of the story). We want articles ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 words for now. Some shorter pieces around 600 to 800 words will also be accepted. Your stories and articles can be lighthearted or serious, but they have got to be *good* -- only your very best!!! Sorry, but no poetry will be taken by The Whyvillian at this time.

If you're still a "Guest Writer" or haven't been published at all just yet, keep trying with the Times! Think about how-to articles, science investigations and explanations, things of that sort. Ask why and try to answer your questions -- that's the Whyville Way, after all!

Putting the Kit-Kat down and picking up a banana instead,

Times Editor


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