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Could YOU Be An Anesthesiologist?

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MediaWiz Note: Here's the latest submission for the writer's workshop, an interesting investigation into a decision some of you may be being pressured to make very soon -- what career do you want (or how much money do you want to have?) and how much school do you need for it?

When people hear the word anesthesiologist, what comes to mind? Most people draw a blank, with their 5 letter vocab words. but I am here to explain my topic and give people an understanding.

July 13th, 2003, It had been suggested to me that I had a medical condition called a loose valve. What's that you ask? It's a condition where the top valve leading from your esophagus to your stomach, just stops working. Now, the doctors weren't sure, so they decided to give me an endoscopy, In other words, stick a camera down my throat, and take a tissue sample. I bet your starting to hate my big words, eh? so, I'm in the operating room, and this nice young lady comes in, and she has a needle. I hate needles. She sticks it in my hand, and I pass out. Later on, my mom tells me that's an anesthesiologist -- a doctor that specializes in anesthetics and putting people out. I do some more research later on and I have put together this: A guide to helping people understand anesthesiology, and decide if its right for them. or something long for short. I have put together The goods (yay!) and the bads (boo!) of being an anesthesiologist.

I am going to start with the goods.

What would you do with 250 grand ($250,000) in your pocket? Well, that's how much money an anesthesiologist makes a year. That's an equivalent of two thousand dollars per needle, assuming an anesthesiologist injects 125 people a year.

Would you like to help people? If you said yes, than you would love to be an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists are in the medical field, so they get to help people. and it feels good to help people :D

And... that's about all of the good things I have (kind of a short list, eh?). Now for the bads.

Can you stand watching surgery on TV? If you answered no, you wouldn't like to be an anesthesiologist because the more intense the surgery, you would have to stand by and monitor the heart rate, with... well, y'know... beside you.

Are you good with math? If you're not, than you couldn't be an anesthesiologist, because they have to figure out dosage to the exact, or it could be fatal.

Do you have 7 years to spend? If you don't like wasting your time, than anesthesiology isn't right for you. You have to go through med school, and you need high grades.

So, recapping in Q&A format:

Q: What is an anesthesiologist?
A: It's a man ( or woman ) that specializes in anesthetics and putting people out.

Q: Well... why?
A: You get to help people, and you get a big fat paycheck in your pocket.

Q: Why not?
A: 3 things: School, Squeamish people, and Math.

Q: How can I become an anesthesiologist?
A: Do well in school, and, well, take the course!

So, in closing, the final question: Is anesthesiology right for YOU?



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