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The Big CW & Whyvillian Meeting!

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Hiya Whyvillians, it's DiGsTeR02. Today I'm here to tell you about a very recent meeting (June 1, 2004) in Club Why that citizens had with the CWs. CWs are City Workers, Whyville's official employees and the folks who run our town. They design the games, program the chat, and run the business that keeps Whyville going.

Club Why is my favorite chat. I don't know why that is, but it is. Anyhow, I was going in there today and found it was PACKED FULL of people! I was so surprised because the most people I have ever seen in there at one time was only 15. Today there were about 40 people, including four City Workers! I had to take a couple minutes to catch up on the discussion to realize what they were talking about.

A couple of City Workers were explaining things to Whyvillians about the WhyPasses, and how the workers are continuing to work on the Newbie House (for those of you who think that they are just being lazy... you're wrong!).

You see, Mark (a CW) told me that it takes about $45,000 per year to run Whyville. That is why he was encouraging many Whyvillians to buy a WhyPass. The City Workers need all the help that they can get from us, and buying WhyPasses really doeshelp! Once they get more money, then they can afford to spend more money improving the Newbie House, getting more Land Plots, etc. So please, do not whine about how slow the CWs are at improving Whyville, they are working as hard as they can!

Another CW told me that the Newbie House is going to be a place where newbies can hang out with each other, a place full of encouragement where nobody will get picked on. There will also be a Newbie House representer, a Whyvillian who is willing to help out newbies and answer their questions, sort of like an in-chat Y-mail Helper.

If you want to purchase a Why Pass, you have a couple options. You can send your money by:
* Visa
* Mastercard
* PayPal
* Check
* or Money-order
(to get the address to send the money to, print out the form for the WhyPass)

Here is a picture of the big event. This is when the population died down a bit and I could see some people clearly.

Here's another pic. Senator Sonner also showed up. CWs Neutral, mark and Scyllacat are in this picture -- can you find who threw the sad at Sonner? LoL!

Thanks for reading this article. Please buy a WhyPass so that Whyville can speed up the process with new additions and such!

This is DiGsTeR02, signing out!


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