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In Club Why, w/ Whyville's Workers

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Thanks, City Workers!! Love you!!

I logged on to Whyville on June 1st and saw that Whyville's City Workers (CWs for short) were going to meet in Club Why. A couple people had told me about it before, but I never got the chance to go to one. I joined Club Why just to meet with the CWs -- yes, and to have parties. I was a member before, but someone happened to get into my account and get it banished. Ouch.

I went to the Club Why chatroom at about 6:00 p.m. and chatted with some other members. Deriko told me this was the third time that the CWs had come to Club Why for a meeting with the members. During the time we were waiting, a lot of people were talking about how many people there were in the room compared to any normal day. I met a lot of new people while I was there and I hope to attend the next one.

CW ScyllaCat showed up around 6:33 p.m., and CW Jen followed at about 6:38 p.m., followed by Senator Sonner at about 6:46 p.m. ScyllaCat went up in the right-hand corner (looking at the screen) and Jen joined me and some of the friends I'd just made in the left-hand bottom corner. I felt really bad for the workers, actually -- they all got bombarded with questions! I tried to help answer some questions and I noticed that many others were also trying to help. CW Mark came sometime around 7:00 p.m., and went to the left-hand top corner.

I was hoping that City Worker neutral would come, too; I enjoy talking to him. He might have come later, but I had to leave at about 7:05 p.m.

Thanks to all the City Workers who spoke with us!! I really enjoyed it, and I will try to get to the next city meeting. Besides the rude people who kept complaining and sitting on top of other people and going under them and saying bad things (some people even did this to the City Workers!!), it was really awesome!!

Love, Faith, and Hope!

your guest reporter,
backseat =)


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