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(How to) Be a Fashionable Newbie

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OK. Say you are new to Whyville, you just took the Chat Test, and you now are heading over to Akbar's in search of a face. You only have 25 clams; these are from your chat test reward. Now what? I'd recommend that you start off buying a pre-made head.

robot head, robot body
This is actually two parts, made by Kitadoll. They are currently priced at 10 clams each, which would leave you 5 clams for your real face fund. I really like these two parts -- they do not look at all newbieish and are really well-drawn. However, I don't think that one of them is actually a head, so you'll need to get a head from Grandma's first, then put these on top.

This is another well-drawn head from Kitadoll. This one costs 25 clams, taking all of your chat test reward, but it's a really nicely drawn human face, which may be what some of you are looking for.

wenchwire happy face
This is just a happy face. Fairly basic, but I like it. It costs 21 clams.

ima happy head!!
This is cheaper than wenchwire happy face, at 10 clams, and I think it's less basic -- it has a sort of flower-barrette thing.

Im A Big Chocolate Donut Head!
I adore this head, not just on newbies, but on everyone. It is just so cool -- who wouldn't want to be a donut? It costs 23 clams, only leaving you two.

Im a flower head
This is not one of my favorites, although it is pretty cute. At 25 clams, it takes all of your chat license reward.

Cute Fuzzy Blu halloween costume
Heh, I like this one. It looks like a nice, plump, cheerful water drop. It costs 24 clams, only leaving you with one.

Dude, I'm an alien. XD
A cute waving alien. It costs 25 clams, though, so it leaves you with nothing.

the newest hit head a alien!
Although this one is not nearly as well drawn as 'Dude, I'm an alien', and it is sort of sloppy, it currently costs only 5 CLAMS. This will leave you with 20 clams to start spending toward your real face.

Alien Head *jab*
I like this head. It's only one clam more than 'the newest hit head a alien!', at 6 clams, and it is much better drawn.

~!* ITZ A pUpPy *!~
This is a cute little puppy, but it costs 25 clams, leaving you broke.

Golden Retriever Gothic Puppy
Personally, I like this one more than ~!* ITZ A pUpPy *!~ since it looks a lot more cheery, and it's 5 clams less, making the price 20 clams.

This is the cheapest puppy, at only 10 clams.

Jumping Horse
This is a cute horse. It costs only 10 clams, leaving you 15, which is a nice start toward your face.

Monkey ooh ohh aah aah
A monkey head. I think it looks a bit more like a bear, but it only costs 10 clams.

its a cup for ur head!!
This one is just so random, I love it. It is a water glass. =D It costs 20 clams.

do you have the devil inside ?
This one makes me laugh. It is just a green, devil-sort creature, and at 2 clams (the current price) it is truly a steal.

Once you've chosen your basic head, you should work on your salary so you can get more money to finish off your real face. After a couple of days, you should have more money, at which time you can start BUYING for your real face. Although you may be excited, I recommend keeping your pre-made face on at least until you have all the face parts you want for your completely new look. And hey, you never know, you might decide you like your first face and want to keep it!

You will probably see a lot of girls wearing these pretty, often-blue eyes, with thick eyeliner and heavy lashes. But don't run over and buy them just
yet. 'Goddess' eyes range from about 30 clams to 60, which is pretty expensive for a newcomer, and the cheaper ones are usually sold out, and don't fit your face straight. Instead, look up ..:DazzLed:.. These are a pair of Goddess Eyes, except they are cheaper, at only 25 clams, and they are straight. Plus, I really like the purple color. Other eye choices are Bigtime, and Blue Glam Eyeshadow, both at just 10 clams.

A common lip is tiny pout and glossy lips w/o nose, but I recommend NiGhT*DriVeN. They are black lips, and although they may not be your style, they are well drawn.

Search for Line Nose, and choose the best one, or the cheapest.

I recommend My World and Snap Front, they are both only 10 clams.

Finding good, cheap, hair is tough. The well-drawn hairs Shiny Red and what a mess are both only 10 clams, but they may be hard to get to work with your head. I recommend going to the store [. Given 'er all bacK .] There, my favorite hairs are 'you left without a trace' (25 clams), 'safer on the outside' (23 clams), and A Bigger Mood (20 clams).

Have Fun!
Laughing Memo

Editor's Note: Some face part names were set apart in single quotes in order to make the names clear. None of these parts actually use single quotes outside their names.


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