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Can My Birthday Predict My Future?

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Horoscopes... genuine or bogus? Maybe the stars will answer.

Horoscopes, crystal balls, fortune cookies, Magic 8 balls (tm)???

These are just a few places that our future is supposed to appear in. But do they really work? I asked a few citizens what they thought about the idea of their near future being determined by a bunch of animals in the sky that are known as the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Out of the 12 or so interviews I had about this subject, most gave the same answer about one particular question:

Reenie11: "How do you feel about Horoscopes? Do you think they really work?"

Here are the many answers!

22kool4u: "Some horoscopes are well thought through and very detailed -- however, some have disappointing answers such as 'You will find your true love.' I don't believe in that stuff. Horoscopes are interesting ways to use your time up in, but I don't think they really work -- although some might."

Pyra: "I think they're fun, but I don't subscribe to the belief that horoscopes know all. I just kind of like to see what mine says every day. Sometimes it's right, and sometimes it's not"

BabyPowdr: "I love horoscopes. I wait till the end of the month or day to read them to see if that really happened. I think maybe they do actually work, cuz sometimes they are really accurate. Kinda spooky o.O"

zkny: "Sometimes they are, sometimes they're not, most of the time mine is mostly right."

Hermionez: "Horoscopes... do they work? Good question! I'd like to think so. Although I'm hoping some aren't, since my yearly one said that I should move on from the guy I have a crush on, so... I'm not listening to that one. But when they analyze personality they're usually correct. Plus a lot of stuff comes true... sometimes! So yes, I believe them... when they're in my favor! LOL"

Bracelet: "I think that horoscopes seem very exciting, and it's quite fun to think that they really work and to read them, but I don't know enough about them to be able to know for certain."

tiga0013: "I think horoscopes are fun to read and interesting, but I don't take them too seriously or believe them."

A lot of the people I interviewed thought it was half and half. Most of them said that the sign you were born under has a very good chance of affecting your personality, traits, strengths and weaknesses, but as far as it went with predicting futures, saying when this or that day will be most lucky, is all just junk. Sort of like Saahy's answer when I asked her this same question:

Saahy: "Well, I believe them to an extent. I really find that when they relate to personal qualities and traits they have some value... but those day-to-day things you find in the newspaper aren't to be taken seriously. They rarely relate to anything you've experienced."



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