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Lost Socks

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Does any one ever wonder what happens to the socks in the dryer? Here is a story about what happens when or if that really happens....

One day as I was on Whyville talking to all my friends, a question popped into my head: "Why do your socks disappear in the dryer?"

I asked my friends and they said they had no idea. I talked to various people around town, but they just thought I was a weirdo asking weird questions.

Now, I am sure you all have a question that you always think about when there is nothing to do. That's what happened to me with the socks in the dryer question. It just wouldn't go away!

Continuing onwards, I logged off and went to look in the dryer to try and solve the mystery. The dryer refused to help -- I did not prevail in the laundry room, so I asked more people in Whyville and they still had the same opinion as the first time. Finally, my friend iwuvoo whispered to me that she had a theory that maybe the socks were eaten by a sock-eating monster.


At first, I dismissed this idea as another way to make fun of me. As the week progressed, though, this so-called idea bugged me to no end... so I finally went onto the net and looked up "socks". To my surprise, I found a site that said "Socks, Lost and Found!"

I was shocked to see a collection of socks dancing around on my computer screen -- I even thought I saw a sock that I lost in the dryer a week ago!

Now I am sitting here, typing up these events... they might sound unusual, but it gives you something to think about, doesn't it?

Over and out,


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