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We're All Humans in the End!

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Recently I made my other Whyville account (2penguin2) into one of those puppies. It was fun hanging out in the Why House, which has been nicknamed the Dog House by a lot of people because that's where a lot of the other dogs hang out.

But then one day a Whyville citizen who had a human face came in to the Why House to hang out. A lot of the other dogs turned vicious and started "biting" the person. They were threatening the person and throwing tons of projectiles at the person. The person started to fight back and went to get some other people, too. Later, there was talk about starting a war between the dogs and the humans. Since I don't approve of violence (even if it's not real), I left and came back later when things got calmer.

A few days later, my dog account got WhyPox. With WhyPox, it's really hard to chat and the spots are just really ugly, so I decided to just use my human account until my other one recovers from the WhyPox. I still wanted to go to the Why House, because I wanted to hang out with some of the friends I had made there. However, when I went there, some of the dogs started attacking me! I calmly explained that I was also 2penguin2, but I had WhyPox there and wanted to be on this account. The dogs just said that they hated all humans and didn't care.

First of all, Whyville is supposed to be a peaceful place, without violence. And second of all, WE ARE ALL HUMANS IN REAL LIFE!!

I feel that some of the dogs (along with some other people on Whyville) get too caught up in Whyville and forget that they aren't really a dog. Saying that you hate humans is very hypocritical. That's like saying you hate yourself. You can't really be a dog. Dogs are animals that are unable to operate computers. (And keep in mind that humans are animals too!) Wanting to start a war on Whyville would be really unpleasant and take away the fun of Whyville.

Please remember, WE'RE ALL HUMAN IN THE END!



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