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Maybe They AREN'T the Times Editor?

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I keep hearing people giving their evidence why City Workers Bigfoot, Cyranojoe and Mediawiz might actually be the Times Editor. I've done my fair share of this but just for a change I wanted to look at why they might not be the Times Editor.

Firstly, Bigfoot and Cyranojoe both published their first articles on July 22, 1999, whereas the Editor seemed to get his in around October of that year. (The first actually recorded appearance of the Editor I can find is December 16.) MediaWiz, on the other hand, only got his first article published on June 14, 2001.

Therefore, I believe that we can safely remove the MediaWiz from the investigation, unless he's hiding it very well. Here's a comment from the Wiz's first article:

"...the Times Editor is still working to perfect my articles' format."

Ok, so our favourite Media Expert is ruled out. Let's try Cyranojoe and Bigfoot. The Times Editor has strongly denied that either of these City Workers. A good example is when CW Neutral said to an interviewer that he was Cyranojoe. The Editor replied:

"Hey, who sez? Just goes to show you that CWs don't necessarily know everything! :-)"

As I said, both of these characters submitted Times articles about four months before the Times Editor first posted in the Times. Also, as far as I know, City Worker Bigfoot spearheads the Senate Race.

Based on things I've read in the Times, I have to ask, how could someone be a student, a full time CW and the Times Editor at the same time!?!!

I don't mean to say that Cyranojoe does nothing, but I'm not sure what he does. :-)

I can't find anything else, so I'm going to try comparing bits of writing by the three of them.

First, from the Times Editor:

"Want to get your own news articles and stories and poetry published in the Whyville Times, but don't know how to get started? You've come to the right place."
"New Submission Rules" June 13th 2004

Next, Bigfoot:

"Have you ever gone to WASA to play Hotspots and been frustrated that there's nobody there? Are you yearning to show off your mad ArtSets skillz at the Getty Museum? Well, we've got the solution for you!"
-- "Let's All Get Together" - Jan 16, 2005

And last but not least, Cyranojoe:

"There is a way to keep from getting punished for bad language: don't use any! How do you not use any? For one thing, there's always another way of saying something without bad words."
-- What's Bad Behavior in Whyville" - June 20, 2003 (Believe it or not, this is one his most recent articlces)

Cyranojoe appears to use more formal language than the Times Editor. And Bigfoot seems to use more informal language. Other than that, read it through. Actually read it -- do it out loud if you have to. You'd see that the tone of voice that they use is very different, though that might just mean he's a good writer and able to use different tones!

Have you ever thought that Cyranojoe, MediaWiz, Bigfoot and the Times Editor are just really good friends? Why would they go to his wedding if they're not? This also may be the reason that sometimes they act the same.

Lastly, if you think about it, with 600 emails coming to the Times Editor a week and with him being a student, don't you think he'd need help? Maybe they just seem the same because sometimes the Times Editor needs a bit of help. Here's a quote from the Times Editor...

"I *do* get a little help, from Cyranojoe, Bigfoot Bill, and even occasionally City Hall."


Who knows, you could be deeply insulting them by comparing these guys to the Times Editor. Uh-oh, just kidding... JUST KIDDING!!!

Any of the above people are free to comment saying why you are or are not the other people.

This is Cobd....

Editor's Note: "Maybe they aren't the Times Editor?" Or maybe they are!

And all this goes to prove that you can't always trust what you read, whether in the Times or anywhere else. I'll give you one answer straight: the author of the Media Menu and I are two different people. Bigfoot and cyranojoe, on the other hand...


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