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Whatever Happened to Calliope's Club?

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Only people that have been around for two years at least remember Calliope's Critique Club.

I have been in in Whyville (on another account) since around 2003. This happens to be the year a special club was put together.

Calliope's Critique Club was made to discuss and critique classic and acclaimed modern books recommended by a certain City Worker. I was a big fan of this club because I love to read, and especially write. The club emphasized both abilities, and helped me to comprehend books at a whole different level.

When the first article announcing the club came out (look it up under the author Calliope), I was so happy. I've found that most of the things on Whyville were related to math or science, and to know that there was an outlet for people like me, who like language arts... well, that was a great feeling.

A lot of the books on Calliope's reading list were some of the most excellent literary material I have ever read. Island of the Blue Dolphins was one of my favorites.

Once I finished reading even just one of the books, I couldn't wait to go to the meetings and discuss what we'd read. I loved hearing multiple perspectives and views on things. It made me think in ways that I might have never thought of.

After hearing this, you are probably wondering, "Why was this club cancelled?" That's what I am not exactly sure of. One day, more recently, I gathered together all my friends who had been there since 2003, and we came up with these possible reasons: (1) Inactivity, (2) Calliope no longer works for Whyville, (3) It was too much for Calliope to keep up with this club.

It is a shame that the Critique Club had to be cancelled! To this day, I wish it was still here. Calliope, if you are reading this article, please come back. We all miss you and your critique club. It gave us people with a knack for literary knowledge happy, and you inspired us.



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