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Missing the Critique Club

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Those citizens that were here in early 2003 might remember Calliope's Critique Club.

This club was sort of like what the MediaWiz does with the Media Menu. Each week, Calliope would recommend books to read. One day each week, she would have a meeting with anyone who wanted to come, who hopefully read the books. They would discuss the books and have conversations concerning issues in them.

Sadly, this club came to a stop in July of 2003 -- we're really not sure why.

Chalkie and myself, both avid readers, would like to restart this Critique Club. There is no application to join the club. Just come to the meetings, which I will further explain in a future article.

When we submit a reading list, the books will range from about 6th grade to young adult. We will have a star system to tell you which books are for which level.

We have absolutely no idea when this article will be coming out, so look for the reading list about 3 weeks afterward, assuming the Editor will publish it.

I hope you like our idea, and we hope that it gets you into reading more. Summer is already here, giving us all PLENTY of time to read lots of amazing books that will take us on awesome adventures!

Keep your eyes peeled for the first reading list, coming soon!



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