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A Look at Whyville's Past

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Whyville started up in 1999. This was the start of the wonderful place which over 1 million people have grown to love and come to on a regular basis. I was here on Whyville one day when I decided to go back and look at the very first Whyville Times to look at old articles. Looking from the first Whyville Times edition to the latest, I thought I would write up some of the highlights of Whyville's past.

The Times Begins!

The very first Times edition was published on August 7th, 1999. It only had 2 articles in it! From there on, the Times slowly got people to write for them, expanding the editions. First to 4 articles, then to 5. Back then, a double issue only had 10 or 11 articles in it! Think about how the Times has grown since then. An issue today is now about 25-30 articles, so a double issue would be 30 articles or larger. Also, back then, there were not many Whyvillians who wrote for the Times, where as today, so many people want to write for the Times that you have to have high quality articles to become a Times Writer. Go back and check out some of the old Times editions . . . you might enjoy them!

Clam Showers

These happened back in 2001. They were when people would go to a specific place at a set time and they would be able to collect clams that fell on them. It was a very exciting event. Whyville recently had clam showers on the day when 1 million people signed up for Whyville. What an exciting day that was! Read more about this in article 864.

The Prom

In 2002, Whyville put together a prom for us Whyvillians. This was a fun event that all enjoyed. You can read up about it in article 1342. We hope that City Hall will give us the pleasure of having another prom in the near future.

The Fish Drawing Contest

This was an event that City Hall put on, where Whyvillians would send in drawings that they had done. These pictures were pictures of fish! Whyvillians then voted for the best fish picture. You can read about this in article 133. These guys sure were brave! I mean, who knew if a twister fish lurked within the pool at the pool party.

Whyville Expands!

Since 1999, Whyville has expanded amazingly. Whyville now has a Greek Theater, City Hall, Tiki Tours, a Warp Wagon where you can travel all over the world, a mall, a beach, a trading center and several other chat rooms where you can associate with other Whyvillians. These improvements have only brought more people to Whyville.

The Great Whyville Blackout

Whyville's great blackout will be remembered by everyone who was here on the site in 2001. The blackout lasted from January 20th, 2001 to February 5th, 2001. The Times Editor at the time wrote, "During this dark period, Whyvillians were lost in etherspace, unable to touch base with the city, unable to contact each other. It was a time of pain, fear, and confusion."

Although a hard and sad time, Whyville survived the blackout . . . giving us a time to remember. They even elected a "Whyville Blackout Story Queen!" These stories are a must read.

Take the time to go back in the Times and read about this historic event! The quote was from article 584.

Akbar's Face Parts Trade In -- Parts Soon To Expire!

On July 4th, 2003, City Management reported to us that there was a crisis at Akbar's! The problem? Akbar's had too many face parts and designs on the server and they had to do something quick, in order for Akbar's Face Factory to stay open. So for a while, the doors to the face factory stayed shut, until City Management came up with a solution. The staff at Whyville soon suggested that parts should only last three months. After three months, the parts would expire and you would have to buy new ones. Well citizens of Whyville really did not like this and City Management was flooded with responses saying, "No! Don't let the parts expire!" However, with a few added conditions, this ended up being the solution. So now we have face parts that expire! It was made so that Why-Pass holders' parts will not expire. They also said that any parts from before the new rules were set would be ours to keep, but that we could trade them in at Akbar's for clams if we wanted to. So this became the start of Akbar's great trade in.

Lifetime Why-Passes

Lifetime Why-Passes were only available for a short time, from 2002 to February 2005. These passes are no longer available to the Whyville public, however, those who hold such passes have a few extra perks like on the grass seating in the Greek Theater and always having access to the face factory. They also get priority access into Whyville, as all Why-Pass holders do. However, unlike a regular Why-Pass, these lifetime passes will never expire. These were a very nice addition for those who got them . . . thanks City Hall.

Halloween Parties

The Halloween parties in Whyville started on October 31, 1999, but were first announced on October 28th, 1999. (Article 43) "Can you discover where the house is?" These parties were a great hit in Whyville, as they have continued it each year since. Which reminds me, it's just around the corner again, can you find out where the haunted house is this year? If you have not had the chance to experience this fun day on Whyville, I encourage you to do so. You never know what waits for you there . . .

Well folks, there you have it. A look at some of the greatest points of Whyville. I encourage you all to get out there and read up more on Whyville's past. For you never know what you will find . . .



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