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How Science Relates to the Real World

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While you're sitting in science class, doodling on your arm, and only half paying attention, you might be thinking, "Why does this matter? It's not like I plan to become a scientist or anything . . ."

Well, I have a real example that science really does relate to everyday life, and I don't just mean physics, gravity, momentum and what not.

One day, a gas-station owner saw a white truck sitting at the same pump of his gas station for a very long time, and called the police. When the police got there, they saw a man asleep in the car next to a 55-gallon tank and an electrical siphon.

For those of you who don't know, a siphon is something that can be worked one of three ways:

1.) A tube is place in a liquid, and someone sucks on the other end to get the liquid start coming. The tube is directed down to an "out" area (placed lower than the "in") and the liquid comes out. The liquid keeps coming until it is gone, because you have started a siphon.

2.) A tube is fed through a container holding liquid. The tube goes to the very bottom of the container. The other side of the tube is going to a lower "out" container. The liquid in the first container is filled up to the top of where the tube exits the first container. When someone pours water into the container, it overflows this line, and starts the siphon. Then the pressure of the atmosphere continues to push on the liquid, causing it to come out the "out" end until it is gone.

3.) The siphon works the same way as the above two, but is started electrically.

The man at the gas station was using the third way (electrical siphon) to steal gas from the station's underground tank. The funny part is, the man was sleeping, while he was stealing gas. Haha. If that's not a stupid criminal, tell me what is. (He didn't get away with it, obviously.)

So really, complex (complex being not just the basics) science does come in handy!

Really though, what criminal in their right mind would fall asleep?!

Author's Source:Sources: Local newspaper, Science class, my own knowledge


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