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Times Crossword

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Whyville Times readers!

Welcome to the Whyville Times Crossword Puzzle! To solve the puzzle, you'll need to read the Times -- you'll find most of the answers buried in the articles written by your fellow citizens. The more you read, the easier the puzzle will be.

Once you've filled in every Up and every Down, the "Submit" button should highlight on your screen. Hit submit and you're home free!

The first ten people to solve and submit the crossword will receive at least 100 clams. Everyone else who correctly answers the puzzle will get a 30 clam bonus!!!

Okay, enough talk... time to crossword!

#whytimes_xword( 265 19 16 "19|16|12|*****........*************.******************.********.*********.********.****.****.*****................******.****.****.*****.**.****.*.**.****.....****.*.**.*****.**.****.*.**.*****.**.***................****.*.********.**.****.*.***********.**...........**********.*.****************.*.**************|a1|1 The Times Editor's favorite NFL football team.|a5|5 A bodyguard legend who is being challenged for his title.|a6|6 You can do this during the winter time to get some exercise.|a9|9 A romantic comedy Stichface recommends.|a10|10 The special Halloween chat room.|a11|11 Fear of the sun.|d2|2 Use the process of _______ to help on multiple choice questions.|d3|3 In 2001, Whyvillians went to a place to collect clams falling on them.|d4|4 A classic activity to do during a Halloween party.|d7|7 A pipe or tube that uses atmospheric pressure to force liquid from one end of a reservoir to another.|d8|8 This week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight" )


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